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Four Ways to Get Blog Posts Link Back to your Website or Blog

When you are talking about guest blog posts, it is said that due to recent data referenced by the New York Times, there has been a survey that 95% of blogs fail. Though they have had a chat about why the blogs fail, it is concluded that it was because of the lack of readership.

Pretty shocking right? It is beyond much more when we are focusing on why and how to improve the readership when it is being dipping. No matter what you try to grow up again, it is going to be difficult but not impossible.

Hence, if you want to get more traffic, you need to start building high-quality backlinks.

If you are thinking of how to get the blog posts to link back to your website or blog, then you need to take part in the guest blogging services. They will help you get the link back to your website

Here are the 4 ways you can try to succeed:

Comment on the other blogs

It gains a lot of authority when you work on the right comment on someone else’s blog. It can bring a great amount of traffic and this can help to identify the top blogs in the niche. You should start interacting and commenting on blogs on a very regular basis and this can make people notice you that you are a content creator. Also, this will get the blogger community to notice you and they can bring more traffic to your blog.

It is all about how you can focus on attracting an audience which will lead to more traffic for you. You may get a good quality link or an invitation to write a guest blog for them. Hence, do not stop commenting on your insights under the blogs of your niche. It will improve your visibility.

Once you comment on their blogs, develop an outreach plan. You need to take a very active approach to the blog. You cannot just expect traffic by simply publishing the article and just wait for the traffic while it comes. It doesn’t happen that way. Yo need to have a solid plan on how you are going to reach the bloggers and ask them to share your article. This way, you can learn how to do promote your article.

Opportunities that can be included in link roundups

Well, there are more than 100’s of blogs of a particular niche and they do these weekly and monthly roundups. They compile a list of dozen relevant bloggers and then you can email your article to ask them to share or link the article. This can help you to achieve what you wanted to: blogger outreach. You can get some nice exposure when you email them to include your article in the next roundup.

You can also enable trackbacks on the blog so that you can get a notification when any website you have linked in the comments section so that it can appear on the comments sections which can be approved.

If you link to the top blogs, and then then the link is in the comments, it will lead to more traffic for you.

Spread your content to various blogging communities

The blogging communities are there for a reason and you can submit your content to these blogging communities to get some traffic. You can also post and share all the interesting articles you have curated and occasionally submit your articles. If you have ever gotten an invitation to work on your guest posts, then this can be one of the ways to get quality links too. Not only from community blogs, but you can also get good quality links from the blogging communities. This way, a lot of traffic can come through your website.

Pursue media syndication

When you are done working on your blog, it is time you got to promote it in order to reach the top-ranking page. There are many blogs in your niche that will allow you to republish the content on their site by giving credits to you. They will do this if they think the content you have written is good enough. Hence, if you ever get a chance of publishing your content by media, do not miss it. You can reach out to them to publish your content.


Hence, take part in guest blogging services and thrive in working on a lot of content. Try to come up with a greater frequency of the blogs. Your monthly visitors will increase if you increase the frequency. Try to publish more articles that are longer.  Leverage all the marketing options you have got while working and this way you can successfully get what you have wanted from before.

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