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How to Link Outreach in 2019 – Effective Ways

Seeing the title of this article, the first question that would naturally come to your mind is, what really is ‘Guest Posting’. I will answer this question of yours through the course of this article and tell you even more about it including its benefits and how to use it.

In today’s modern world, in any type of work, the internet is really important. In a similar manner, digital marketing has taken the world of business and sales by a storm. Guest posting might be treated as a subset of digital marketing where you are actually trying to market your blog.

Guest posting may be defined as the activity where you write a post for some other well known blog and include backlinks to your own blog in order to increase the traffic there. When somebody mentions the words SEO and link building, the first word that comes to my mind is guest posting.


Knowing what objectives you want to achieve by guest posting is of paramount importance, just as it is in any other thing. The main objectives that guest posting seeks to achieve are-

  • Improving the SEO ranking
  • Increasing the traffic on your blog
  • Building backlinks
  • Establishing yourself in the blogging industry

Keeping the objectives that you want to achieve in mind will surely help you achieve optimum result. When you decide what objectives you aim to achieve via guest posting, you will be able to decide which blogs or websites you want to publish your posts in. The fact that guest posting works is under no doubt, you can try it on your own. It helps in increasing website or blog traffic.

The main aim should be to write guest posts for blogs or websites that have a good and organic audience. If you have the right type of content, it is not difficult to find the blog or website that you want to right for and the audience that you want to aim for.


The best place to start your search for reliable blogs or sites to post your articles in is the internet. As we so often do in today’s world, just Google it. You can also use Google to search for popular guest bloggers and see which blogs or sites they write on. The website or blog should be from your niche and should have well written content. If you know some guest blogger, you can ask them to introduce you to the blogs or sites that they post on.

Ideal Sources

After reading the above content, one question which would naturally come in your mind is “How to choose which blog is right for and what audience to aim for?”

The first thing that should be kept in mind while choosing the blog or website is that it’s content should be in sync with the content that you want to write on. Also, you should realize that you are not only writing to increase the traffic on your own blog or website, but also to educate, inform and add value to your target audience. If your content is good, you will definitely experience a positive increase in the traffic on your blog.

Always try to write on blogs or sites that have authentic content and are trustworthy. Don’t simply see the cover but also look inside and see how good the traffic, visibility and links are. You should always check the backlinks that a site or blog is providing, they should be genuine and not spammy. One more important thing to focus upon is that the blog or site should be from your niche from an industrial point of view.

So where can you find quality guest posting opportunities? The first thing should be to look at your competitors from the first page of Google. Use backlink auditor tools such as Ahrefs to identify the links from guest blogs that have contributed to them being ranked number 1 on Google.


The most basic tool in guest blogging which allows you to get more traffic on your own blog or website is backlinks. While working on a particular campaign for which you are writing, you can look at your competitors and how their backlinks have helped them, which sites or blogs do they have backlinks on. These will help you to compete with others in the same domain.

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