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Professional SEO Audit for WordPress websites

Professional SEO Audit – Having trouble ranking well on Google and have no idea, why? There might be some serious issues with your website that you are not aware of.

Search engines take many factors of a website into consideration: from good content, its speed, backlink profile to the way it’s programmed, and how well it’s made for mobile users.

In order to determine what’s wrong with your website, an in-depth analysis is needed. This type of analysis is called an SEO audit

Today, we will discuss how an SEO audit is performed.

An SEO Audit usually involves 3 main steps

  • Overall analysis – here, all of the website’s weaknesses and strengths are evaluated and an SEO strategy is devised.
  • Identifying factors – the main off-page and on-page factors are thoroughly researched to determine which have the biggest effect on the website rankings.
  • Report – a comprehensive report is then composed for the client with the results and conclusions. A future SEO strategy is derived as well.

Common problems with low-ranking websites

Websites that rank lower than their competitors are there for a number of reasons, some of which are not exactly immediate.

For example, a giant like eBay will rank towards the top for the keyword “cheap electronics”, then let’s say, some local shop, regardless of what quality products they’re selling. That’s because it has a website domain that’s strong in authority.

Regardless of what you’re doing, gaining authority and ranking high straight from the get-go, might be difficult, unless you have a proper strategy to grow your website.

So, domain authority is one thing, and not exactly a problem, but how about direct website issues that affect SEO?

Here’s a list of the most common problems that people have with their websites:

  • Duplicate content – content is usually the Achilles heel for many websites. Copied-and-pasted text, irrelevant information affect the rankings dramatically and is usually the reason why so many out there struggle.
  • Broken links – another must for a website that wants to rank high is its link profile. There can’t be any 4xx errors or anything of such kind. If you moved a page to a different path, or your content posts link to obscurity, that’s bad and needs to be taken care of.
  • Duplicate/missing meta information – many tend to ignore the importance of title tags and meta descriptions. If you’re running a business that depends on product sales, you have to make sure that each of them has unique meta info. This applies to your pages as well.
  • Slow speed – another factor that cripples rankings for many is speed. Many factors determine it and unless resolved, a website will struggle to load content for visitors.

How long does an SEO audit take?

Mostly it depends on the website itself. If there’s only a couple of webpages to work with, 2-3 workdays will be enough.

On the other hand, if there’s work to be done with an e-shop that has thousands of products, an audit might even take 2-3 weeks to fully perform and compile a report.

From the report, the client will clearly see what’s wrong and what steps need to be taken.

Do you want to know all keywords your website ranks for?

Keyword audit helps identify all keywords that are associated with your website. If you want to know all keywords you are ranked from EasySEO.pro got a special report. It will show all the keywords, moreover, you can break it down by first, second, third, or any other page of Google.

Why invest in an SEO audit?

Professional SEO Audit – An SEO audit is designed to be a very detailed report of your website and its rankings. If you want to see what you’ve been doing wrong or right, you’ll get a clear answer from the hands of SEO experts.

Moreover, it doesn’t mean your collaboration has to end there. The company that did the audit for you, will know exactly what’s wrong with it and will help sort out any issues at hand. This might be slow speed, duplicates, poor quality content, and so on.

If you are looking for a way to crack the top 10 or even top 5, there’s no better way than to start with a comprehensive report on your website’s status.

Only then will you know what to do.

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