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The New Rule for Successful E-commerce Website Development

The biggest challenge for e-commerce companies is how visitors can become visitors. Assuming you provide high-quality products and services that people need, this is one of the best ways for people who visit your site to quickly and easily find what they need and buy quickly and easily.

So how do you make an online business customer’s journey as interesting and meaningful as possible? Here are 10 tips from owners of e-commerce companies and experts in the field of user experience.

Do not let others wait to view the site

Rita Yates, owner of Titanium Jewelry and Yates Jewelers, “Visitors don’t load the page so quickly”. Many studies suggest that slow page loading is equivalent to slow conversion. Speed ​​was. Buyers will no longer wait. ”

Ray Crdy, vice president of Cloud Craze said: “40% of shoppers leave websites that last more than 3 seconds. If the page response is delayed for one second, the conversion rate is reduced by 7%.

Jen Chow, president of Shopify UX Research, “Consider deleting and deleting code to minimize load times (and try out).” Also, downloading large images takes time. Compresses the image. Plus: “Think about designing your site to get the best conditions for every device people to shop for, taking into account responsive design.”

Find out how people read/examine information.

“Place important parts of each page in the top left and bottom left,” says Darren Lowe, founder of Bitcatcha. “Visitors crawl web pages in F. mode. [Strong] Use a title/address to attract attention and position the page accordingly.

Results are easy to find

“To conduct consumer surveys to find out which categories are most important to people, create logical products and subcategories [you can easily find] what people want,” Blue Skin Saeed Zondra Wilson, President and CEO of Care. “If possible, make changes to the color or size of a single page of the product to reduce noise and ease of viewing.”

Simplify product page layout

“Keep the design organized,” says Demetrio’s Cortes, CEO of Good video.

Check the color

“Colors is a great way to arouse people’s emotions and focus, but using too many colors will reduce the desired result,” says Matt, website and graphic developer at Miles Technologies. Tomasevsky says. “Try to limit cold changes to about 3. It’s best to use a shade other than the brand’s color and keep it consistent throughout the site.”

“When designing a website, follow the three primary colors and make sure the pallet matches the product,” says Lowe. Consider the psychology of some colors. For example, blue often calm and feels confident, and green is often an environmentally friendly company. “(Yellow reads carefully. It can be tricky.)

“People read better because of the high contrast between the text and the background,” Zhao said. “For example, it’s easier to choose dark grey or black on a white background instead of light grey on a white background.”

Be sure to read the text (enough)

“Useful materials are more expensive, but they should be easy to read,” Yates said. “Make sure the text is easy to read.” The body should have at least 12 points, and the head should be at least 18 or 20. You said it must be this way. It should also be readable on tablets and smart phones. “Make sure that the line spacing is large enough,” at least 1.2, so there is a space between the lines.

Keep in mind that the easier it is to read a copy, the greater the chance that people will do it, and the more chance they will receive the information they need.

Use high quality and useful images.

Travis Bennett, director of Studio Digital, said: “Use a high-quality image of the product that shows the range and angle of view so potential customers know what they have already purchased.” Yes, I want it “easier”.

Use breadcrumbs

Lu says, “To make navigation easier, use a visual path such as a navigation-progress bar to let visitors know where to do something.” “This is usually login-shipping -Payment information-and payment-complete. ”

Provide virtual assistance

“E-commerce companies should consider using chat software or interactive chat tools with predictive technology to anticipate customer needs and make recommendations at key points,” said marketing manager Scott Horn. [Twenty-four]. As a client, if you receive an error message when logging out or searching for a size folder, the smart chat bot can provide the right assistance at the right time. ”

Also, “Chat Agent [and] Customer Service Agents can make personal recommendations that allow [Customers] to skip the sale and close the transaction,” he said.

Ensure trouble-free checkout process

As Artitech’s art director Katrina To pol said: “The highest delivery point in e-commerce is on exit. She said: This can usually be explained by the complexity and confusion of the termination process.” The number of steps required to complete a purchase By reducing the number of users, it simplifies operations: users can view products without browsing the product from the homepage or adding products from the category section directly to the shopping cart.

Bonnet does not “force to create an account.” Instead, it allows you to purchase items as a guest, but you may find that future purchases will be faster if you create an account. Hmm.

Finally, “Consider offering payment options to speed up Checkout, such as” One Touch PayPal, [Android Pay], Apple Pay, etc. “Rick Kenny, Head of Consumer Software Consumer Insights.

Always be honest

In addition to honest product photos and transparent pricing information, you should always include shipping and return policies on your website. Add a link to the main navigation menu of your store to quickly and easily process important details that many online store owners have forgotten. Say it with conviction, but don’t be late or try to trick your visitors completely.

Add comments and recommendations

61% of online shoppers said they read customer reviews before buying a product. You can use these useful insights directly on the site by creating comments and recommendations. Customer reviews are a quick and easy way to quickly increase sales and conversions.

An effective e-commerce Website Design Services strategy is to add specific product comments to each product description. If you have a small number of different products, you can put a completely separate page on your site for comments and recommendations.

Ecommerce Web design

This site provides a full page with recommendations for potential customers.

Navigation menu

The menu bar allows users to easily navigate through the pages of a web page to find what they are looking for. The menu should be displayed on all pages, preferably at the top of the page, to make it as simple as possible. The menu bar can be vertical along the left side of the page to fit the F.

Be careful not to load too many options into the menu. If your site’s categories and pages are different, you can use the drop-down menu to sort them without overloading you.

Ecommerce Web design

There are many products in the picture above on the site, so sort them into several categories in the navigation menu. Then use the drop-down menu that appears when you hover over each category to see more specific product types. This is a great organizational strategy to avoid too many visitors to your site.

Organize your products well

For users to easily find the products they need, you need to divide the products on your site into specific categories. The menu bar simplifies category search and simplifies the search process. This allows users to find out if they still know which product category they are in ecommerce website Design Company.

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