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Top 10 Useful Twitter Apps

Many people and businesses do more tweeting than local individuals but to utilize tweeting to do better marketing, the top 1o useful Twitter apps assist to make it better.

The discovery of new Twitter apps for marketing makes blogging or marketing in real-time easy. Twitter is indeed used by all corporations, press outlets, celebrities or even governments because it is undoubtedly the popular platform to carry out conversations, discussions or business marketing effectively.

The social app does miss out on some necessary customization features but its performance and simplicity make its performance great and seamless. To cope up with the latest digital trends these top 10 useful Twitter apps will enhance your experience.

Top 10 Useful Twitter Apps


This ultimate app will make your life easy especially when you are managing a Twitter business account. It is overwhelming to respond to customers, manage clients along with a business profile so downloading TweetCharts will assist you to handle business as well as the account.

TweetCharts will monitor activity by establishing graph, chart and useful stats that includes retweet activity, replies, and mentions. Thus the app is really useful to compile social media stats.


Plume is in hit charts because of its easy and customizable features also known as Touiteur. It offers a great aesthetical experience to all users with a pleasing interface. It lets you colorize the timeline with theming feature enabling to set up multiple Twitter accounts, live stream videos and can share tweets even to Facebook.

The amazing suite of Twitter widgets will be available through Plume that makes sending tweets easy and great. It supports Bitly URL, lets you geotag, enables scrolling and even inline conversations are used.


Owly is the ultimate choice for regular Twitter users who use Android. It is a fair choice that you need to grab on because it has an intuitive and clean interface. The user-friendly card-based and amazing navigation offer quick access.

It gives instant access to perform actions or access to rich media content. Owly offers customized templates enabling a user to express views and reviews greatly. So if you have a lot to write or express, Owly gives a character limit of 280 which is excellent for creating a tweet.


Hootsuite is the best and essential tool for business owners that let the user to schedule tweets. The app is intelligent and smart to plan the tweets entirely based on the business account activity or even custom time is set for sharing.

Hootsuite can be utilized as a Twitter app to attend the customers or for browsing feed. Users can easily manage the business profile by linking other accounts just like Facebook page options.

The wise app also lets you schedule the same Tweet to be posted on various social platforms with just a click. So build the brand or use the app to manage business purposes. Hootsuite will organize every activity for you.


The app Twitterific is available for iOS users to use social network Twitter seamlessly. The free app does contain promoted ads and posts but its customization features will surely let you fall in love. The app is fast and offers exceptional tweet presentation chronologically along with GIF and meme searchability within seconds.

The theme of Twitterific is user-friendly and intuitive along with thumbnails, fonts, images, and color schemes. The uniquely designed app has made responding fast on Twitter along with options of 3D touch, external keyboard, list management, and VoiceOver feature.


Are you looking for a customizable and fast performing useful Twitter app? One of the top 10 useful Twitter apps, Twidere is a perfect plethora of features along with several customization options. Its fast, sleek and minimal performance will give you real-time addiction.

The app does not feature in-app purchases and does not support ads which improve the functionality of Twidere. Users can change the app theme to dark or light with the choice of background, colors, and fonts.

Even tweet cards can be altered with custom tabs and great shortcuts for keyboard, formats, filters, and much more. The app is available for free but with in-app purchases.


You might have heard about Twitpane because it is one of the top 10 useful Twitter apps that consume less storage space. TwitPane is fast and a powerful android application that is surely quick and offers many customizable options.

The app supports various tabs, designs, at least three multiple accounts for Twitter, an option of account switching, filtering and even auto navigation. Users can share GIFs, images, videos and even reply to tweets with rich media content.

To observe the latest Twitter trends, Twitpane assists you well. It is a perfect business account managing app that will search for the latest tweets, engage with customers in direct messages or can edit lists according to need.

Be Social with Bluebird

It is again a great social application available for iOS users that competes with Tweetbot. It is available on desktop as well. The interactive elements clean and user-friendly design, easy interface, OLED and dark theme mode, and the support for a multi-account will surely let you fell in love with the app.

The list of amazing features offered by Bluebird is long. All of the rich media content can be viewed as bold, front and in the center with perfect alignment on desktops and smartphones. Even picture in picture mode is supported along with longer tweets comprising of 280 characters.

The sentiment analysis on tweets depicts the history of hashtags, famous mentions, and popular graphs so that you can know better about the latest trends.


It is another useful Twitter app available for free to iOS users. The popular and rich-featured app offers a great blend of enhanced performance to the users. Its features include rich media content, GIFs, and make the timeline enhancing so that the visitor can spend engaging time online.

The app assigns favorite accounts and lets you receive notifications specifically while you can also mute tweets or conversations. Searching for relevant and popular hashtags, Twitter expressions and clients prove to be a vital feature, especially for a business account while other attributes of Talon includes do not disturb mode, compact layout of a timeline and native playback of media content for YouTube.

Thus, Talon offers amazing cool features along with customization options for friendly pages with material design themes including black, dark, accent color, or light theme. Talon for Android users is available for $3.

Download Twitter Videos

Download Twitter Videos is another useful app for Twitter users. Twitter users can download twitter videos from twitter using this free app in just few seconds. This app is very useful and easy to use.

Final thoughts

Along with Twitter, the top 10 useful Twitter apps are ideally great for every user. It is great to utilize Twitter apps for better features, more customization, and exceptional performance. So let us know which one is your favorite Twitter app.

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