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Top 4 Best High End Mattress For Bed 2020

You have decided to change your mattress. However, it is not always easy to find yourself among all these jungle mattresses, especially if you are particularly looking for a high-end model. Moreover, for a better investment, it is better to opt for a quality product that is both durable and offers optimal comfort. That’s why we’ve created this best mattress for bed comparison guide for you to help you choose and give you comfortable nights.

If you are here, it is that you are looking for a mattress giving you a quality of impeccable sleep. So we selected four models among the most popular of the moment and we have made them test mattress upscale. Indeed, hotel bedding is relatively specific and of course, it is more expensive compared to the average. Offering more benefits, we invite you to discover everything you need to know to make the right choice for your high-end mattress.

We will also try to answer all your questions such as: how to choose your mattress? Which mattress to choose from all the models available on the market? What is an HR foam mattress? Which mattress offers good support?

A better mattress will help you get a better night’s rest and this is where a company with good mattress reviews such as Beds can be a great decision – they have plenty of great mattresses to pick from.

Top 4 Best High-End Mattress For Bed

In this first part, we present you our best selection of high-quality mattresses among those we had the pleasure to test. They have proven themselves and correspond perfectly to the criteria we have imposed such as the price/quality ratio, Geeksip, comfort, practicality.

Simmons – good value for money

The Simmons premium mattress is relatively firm. It offers an excellent quality of support. Just as soft, this mattress springs consists of a synthetic lining. Sleeping independence is surely one of his best assets. In addition, this firm mattress is proposed to a thickness of 32 cm. Having not undergone any hypoallergenic treatment, the Simmons mattress does not need to be returned thanks to the no flip system.

For a mattress of 140 × 190 cm, the mattress consists of 900 Duospring springs providing independent and anatomical support. To further lighten the pressure zones, this model also has a system of double sheets of springs. This means that it has both an upper and a lower tablecloth that can perfectly distribute the weight of the sleeper. Thanks to its perimeter belt, the mattress will not collapse despite years of use. The upholstery will remain stable and dimensionally stable thanks to the inner padding that has been hand knotted.

In addition, the comfort side is composed of pure new wool, alpaca, cashmere and silk, wadding, Sosoft foam and Coutil Jacquard (viscose and polyamide) while the technical face consists mainly of polyester wadding. Its 4 horizontal handles allow you to handle it with greater ease. Available in different sizes, you have the choice between 90 × 190 cm up to 200 × 200 cm.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Automation thanks to the system no Flip
  • High-quality upholstery
  • Built-in mattress overlay
  • Very firm comfort


  • No Hypoallergenic

xTreca Mattress The Most Comfortable

The mattress Treca, constituting beautiful bedding, promises you an incomparable comfort, at once very firm and very enveloping. Indeed, it consists of an excellent Pullman suspension allowing it optimal longevity of life as well as satisfactory support suitable for all morphologies. Available in two sizes namely 160x200cm and 200×200 cm, the thickness of this high-end mattress is 28 cm.

Thanks to the high quality of its manufacturing materials, your nights will only be better. The premium bedding Treca Evening Wear has been designed for two people. This mattress spring is in particular provided with a memory foam padding. In addition, apart from the Pullman suspension and memory foam memory, you will enjoy its 3 cm soft care cashmere, linen and silk, wadding and its ticking composed of Jacquard tray TP17 and its flat Polyester band.

Sleeping independence is relatively satisfactory. This product has been treated against mites and antibacterial. Note that you can change the sleeping surface during the change of season (summer-winter). Very soft to the touch, the luxury mattress Treca evening wear is also equipped with a tray and embroidered handles.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Reversible sleeping surface
  • Neither too soft nor too hard


  • Without hypoallergenic treatment
  • 2 sizes available only

Tempur Original Deluxe – Technology and Innovations

With Tempur’s Original Deluxe Deluxe Mattress, you’ll enjoy all the technologies and innovations that have made Tempura leader in the manufacture of premium mattresses. Among other things, thanks to space technology, you will discover sleep in weightlessness.

Besides, your body will be fully supported by the mattress. The latter is also available in 3 dimensions namely: the 140 × 190 cm, the 160 × 200 cm and the 180 × 200 cm. With a thickness of 17 cm, it offers relatively firm support and a very soft welcome. With memory foam, the mattress absorbs the pressure of your body to distribute it over the entire surface.

In addition, its open cell structure allows it to recover more easily after use. In practice, you will not need to return it. Ideally designed for 2 people, the Tempur Original Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress offers excellent sleeping independence. Specifically, it consists of 8 cm of DuraBase material, 7 cm of Tempur material, 2 cm of extra soft Tempur material, polyester and elastane fabric ticking and polyester underlay. All textiles used for the manufacture of this memory foam mattress are certified non-toxic and non-harmful.


  • 10-year warranty
  • Very comfortable
  • Firm support
  • No need to return it
  • Sleeping independence


  • Average thickness

Original Elite Tempur

The Original Elite Tempur model is primarily intended for those who want a firmer sleeping, which allows among other things a more comfortable sleep. It immediately resumes its form when the sleeper gets up in the morning with its viscoelastic foam.

His must? No need to return it. In addition, the quick refresh cover of this bedding mattress is fully removable by means of a zip. You can put it in the machine at 60 ° C for cleaning, as well as for the undercover. Its quality of reception is very tonic while the support is quite firm.

25 cm thick, the foam mattress consists of a quick refresh top in DJ Stream ticking made of polyester and elastane, a side cover in a pattern DJ mix gray pattern made of polyester, modacrylic, viscose and in spandex, with a polyester underpants and a white ticking under-cover made of polyester and elastane. In addition, the core of the mattress consists essentially of 3 cm of temper comfort material, 9 cm of temper medium material and 13 cm of DuraBase material. Available from 80 × 200 cm, you have the choice between 7 different sizes.


  • 10-year warranty
  • The choice between several sizes
  • morphologic
  • Quality materials
  • Ideal for preventing back pain


  • No major inconvenience found

What is a premium mattress?

The high-end mattress is distinguished by the quality of its manufacturing materials especially foams. Indeed, it is the latex foam, the memory foam, and the springs which offer the most comfort and which make it possible to avoid as much as possible back pain. In addition, the longevity of life, as well as the density and thickness of the mattress, also characterize high-end models.

This type of mattress is often used by professionals like large hotel chains to complete a bedding set. It has great longevity in life and is thicker compared to traditional mattresses. Indeed, the high-end mattress can reach a thickness of up to 45 cm. In addition, it offers better body support and excellent distribution of the sleeper weight thanks to its manufacturing materials and the thickness of the soul. In addition, it must be said, the comfort is relatively superior compared to standard mattresses market. By all these qualities, it is quite difficult to find a cheap mattress.


Wanting to change mattresses and get a high-end mattress is one thing, but choosing to Bensons for Beds is another. Indeed, we can distinguish a wide choice of models currently on the market that it is difficult to decide on a particular model. It is easier to test the mattress directly if you are in a bedding store. However, most high-end relaxation bedding is sold online, which is not easy.

When we say “upscale mattress”, we think directly of the comfort it could provide you. Indeed, comfort is closely related to the quality of the lining. It also offers optimal body support and unsurpassed firmness and flexibility, whether it’s a pocket-spring mattress or a natural latex mattress.

The lifespan of a high-end model ranges from 10 to 30 years depending on the quality of design and materials. This longevity of life also varies according to the maintenance that you make of it. Note that the mattress wears easily if you do not respect its ability to know for one or two people only. As a rule, high-end bedding returns to its original shape gradually. However, the quality of restful sleep can be affected in the case where the mattress collapses and does not take again its form.

Some models have a summer face and a winter face while others have only one sleeping surface. The high-end mattress is particularly suitable for all those with back problems, cervical or vertebrae, body aches.

Different Types Of Models

In order to help you choose a high-quality mattress, you must first know the different types of existing models, namely:

  • The Foam Mattress: the memory foam mattress is the highest range of foam mattresses. It is also called viscoelastic foam. This type of mattress conforms perfectly to the shape of the body and offers better back support while ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. The comfort of the sleeper is optimal. It combines in most cases with a shape memory pillow, a shape memory bolster, a mattress protector or memory foam mattress … This type of mattress can be suitable for an electric bed base and can also be used as a baby mattress.
  • The Latex Mattress: if the mattress consists of 100% natural latex or with a rate greater than 85%, it is a high-end model. Designed with natural materials, this organic mattress is excellent for the body. It offers several comfort zones while supporting the body in several specific areas. If you are looking for a luxury latex mattress, prefer models offering between 5 to 7 comfort zones. Note that the life of such bedding is excellent.
  • The Spring Mattress: There are several models of spring mattresses, like the multi spire spring mattress, which is very ventilated but has a limited life span. The top of the range is in pocket spring mattresses. It allows better independence of sleeping and excellent resistance over time. In addition, the back is optimally maintained by the springs individually wrapped in bags.

How to choose?

To choose a good mattress, it is important to define your needs in the first place. This allows you to determine the level of firmness you need and the density and thickness that suits you. In order to help you find the best quality mattress that meets all your requirements, you will need to know the type of mattress (springs, foam or latex), the density (that you determine according to your size and your weight, you have the choice between high-density foam and high resilience foam) and the compatibility of the model with your relaxation base.

In addition, set the ideal level of firmness based on your height, weight, and morphology. A firm mattress is better for a person of strong build. The greater the weight of the sleeper, the more the mattress must offer firm support. This is a quality to consider for sleeping well. In addition, a fairly fine person can choose a very soft mattress.

In addition, the density of the mattress depends on the quality of maintenance that you seek. It is defined according to the size and weight of the user. If you want a minimum of comfort, it is strongly recommended never to go below 25 kg m3. Ideally, choose models of at least 70 kg m3. As for the ideal thickness, choose a thickness between 15 to 20 cm if you prefer foam or latex mattresses and between 20 to 25 cm for a mattress with springs. Note, however, that the thicker the mattress is, the harder it is to put it in a fitted sheet.

The type of mattress chosen should suit your bed base. Indeed, the foam mattress is preferably associated with a slatted frame while a spring mattress is better suited to a spring box. For firm comfort and optimal support, a spring or foam mattress can be combined with a slatted box spring.

If you suffer from allergies, you can opt for a hypoallergenic mattress that has been treated with anti-mite treatment.

Feel free to try each model to make the right choice. Lie on the mattress for a few minutes while closing your eyes, as if you were really sleeping. Put yourself on the back, rest on an elbow, put yourself on the side … If you sleep with two, test the independence of sleeping.

What are the important criteria before purchase a mattress?

At the end of each expert’s high-end mattress test, we have identified several important criteria that you must apply before proceeding with the purchase.

  • The material: this is the first criterion to check before buying a high-end mattress. Indeed, you have the choice between foam, latex, and springs. Despite the many existing models on the market, you will discover all the features that propel a mattress spring, latex or foam in the high-end category by referring to the part “different types of models” in this comparison.
  • Thickness: Thickness is a guarantee of comfort, firm support and quality. If you prefer a foam or latex mattress, opt for an average thickness of 18 cm. On the other hand, if you choose a spring mattress, the thickness of it should be between 20 to 25 cm, ideally in the 23 cm.
  • The Price: the premium mattress price is usually high compared to that of an ordinary model. Indeed, quality and comfort have a price. Do not skimp! Allow a minimum of € 1100 for a one-person model and between € 1400 to € 1700 mattress for two people.
  • Density: prefer a firmer mattress with a minimum density of 50 kg m3. If you want a higher end mattress even firmer, the average is 75 kg m3.
  • Longevity: varying according to the chosen materials, a high-end mattress has a minimum lifespan of 10 years. If it is really high quality, it can go up to 15 to 20 years. This depends on the quality of the manufacturing materials as well as the ease of maintenance of each model.
  • The Guarantee: from 5 to 10 years, the guarantee depends essentially on the brand of high-quality mattresses.
  • The Brand: it is always advisable to choose a well-known brand to avoid unpleasant surprises. Among others, you have the Merino brand, Mattress no Stress (offering polyurethane foam mattresses), Bultex, Duvivier, Pirelli, Benoist …


Your mattress base sagged or worn out prematurely? Do you think to replace it with a more upscale model? Making the decision to buy a mattress can be easy, but making the right choice is different. It is often difficult to navigate between the various materials of manufacture, the various thicknesses and dimensions to choose from, the technical terms as well as in the choice of extra mattress, an ergonomic pillow, an electric bedding, a mattress set, a mattress cover, a mattress sofa bed, a trundle bed or bedspread.

If the high-end mattress is previously intended for professional use only, individuals seeking maximum sleeping comfort and optimal support of the body and spine can now get it. For a significant budget, it is not easy to find a cheap high-end mattress as you can see in our section reviews high-end mattress. However, it offers many benefits that are not usually found in a regular mattress.

Through this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know how to choose your mattress. We hope that our top selection allows you to find the right model for your needs.

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