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Tips to Plan an Effective Stag Do

Your best friend is about to get married and you have been asked to be his best man. Almost immediately you are reminded of your key responsibilities as a best man. You have to plan the stag do and deliver an awesome best man speech, amongst other things too.

Organizing a stag do can be daunting and the groom will naturally want you to make it a grand event. Thinking about all this is enough to bring anyone out in a cold sweat, but there is no reason to worry as with a little organisation and direction, you’ll be able to pull it all off.

What Does He Want?

Even though you are responsible for organizing the event, it is crucial for you to remember that the stag do is all about the groom. While it is fine to include something that he is mildly uncomfortable to do anything that he sincerely hates shouldn’t be included in the plan.

Also, you shouldn’t disclose important details about the event and spill the beans as to what is the plan that you have come up with but it is certainly worth finding out what the groom would like to do on his stag do.

When Can it Happen?

Stag do is also known as the last night of freedom. Even though according to custom the stag do must be held the night before the wedding, it can prove to be a disastrous plan to have it just a day prior to the wedding. It wouldn’t make for a great picture if the groom were to show up at his own wedding in the most hungover state he has ever been in his life.

For this reason, most stag dos now take place a month before the wedding as this gives the groom and also his best mates sufficient time to recover. Any bruises their body has taken or any scarred memories will have faded ahead of the big day!

So it would be wise to have a group chat over it and fix a date that is suitable for everyone.

The Guest List

This is a tricky part of planning a stag do. You want to include only those people who the groom is absolutely comfortable around. If the groom only has a handful of best friends you may not have to fret over the invite list much. But if the groom has many best friends you may have to analyse who you should invite to the stag do and who you should skip out.

Try to get an idea if the groom would be comfortable having male members from his bride-to-be family. If you’re not planning on doing anything scandalous, which is quite unlikely, you can invite them as well. There will be people who you may not be much acquainted with but the groom would like them to be a part of the event. Such people should be definitely invited.

The Costs

With the marriage coming up you may have to take this point a bit seriously. Try to get an estimate as to how much the invitees would be able to spend on this event.

You may find the idea of flying to Ibiza for a long weekend appealing but if the groom’s brother is still studying, he may not be able to afford it. You should, therefore, come up with a plan which is well within the financial reach of everyone involved in the event.

Where to Host it?

Are you planning on hosting the party in the UK or do you wish to head overseas with your gang? This point is closely related to the point that has been made above.

Selecting a fancy and faraway destination can drill a hole in everyone’s pocket. It is natural to get influenced by the Hangover series and plan a stag do in Vegas but you need to ask yourself and also others whether it is actually feasible.


Drinking can be fun but there’s a limit to it. Okay now that may not be true and in a perfect world, there shouldn’t be any limit to how much one should drink on their stag night.

But is that what you really want? Figuring out the last night shouldn’t have to be like putting together puzzle pieces! After all your last night of freedom deserves something better than a blurred memory.

Without some kick-ass activities, the stag do will not be a real celebration. There are several activities that you can consider for your stag night and the right ones are usually those which the groom and his lads approve of. You can even get in touch with the experts to learn more about stag dos.

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