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Top 10 Tips to Clean Your Kitchen Sink without a Plumber

Top 10 Tips to Clean Your Kitchen Sink without a Plumber

One of the most helpless situations of every homeowner is when water won’t go through the kitchen sink. This means that your pipe counter gets filled with oils, grease and other debris and it results in backing up of high amount of water inside of it. You may feel awkward to hire plumbers in UK for such a simple job too. This blog provides you with 9 tips to clean it all by yourself. Read on to know them.

Boiling Water

Most affordable and easiest solution to use to dissolve the clogged particles within your kitchen sink pipes is the boiling water. Just take some water in a pan and heat till it reaches its boiling point.

Then slowly pour it via your kitchen sink. Wait for sometime as it will work on the hard debris effectively. Repeat the procedure as much number of times as possible for complete removal of the debris and grease.

Proper Disposal

Before attempting the cleaning procedure, make sure that it is not caused by your garbage disposal. The blocked disposal will impede the normal functioning ability of the drain. Sometimes the problem arises due to the overheated disposal and at that time you have to turn off its switch which is generally present at the bottom or side of unit under your kitchen sink.

Boiling water and Salt

Somehow, remove the stagnant water from your kitchen sink and pour the salt solution. Wait for several minutes and then flush the sink by hot water to remove all debris completely. If the clogged materials are hard and greasy, then you must hire the services of any kitchen plumbing service provider in London. They will make everything normal by their professional unclogging services.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

It is another deadly combination of a solution which will incorporate you in cleaning a clogged sink. After you prepare the solution, pour it via your sink drainage system. Let it sit for a few hours and then perform flushing with the help of the boiling water. This procedure must be repeated for several times, if the drainage system doesn’t get cleaned in its first attempt.

Salt and Baking Soda

Another combination which can be your companion to clean the clogged sink is solution of baking soda and salt. Prepare the mixture and pour down slowly down the kitchen sink’s drain.

Wait for a few hours so that it sits perfectly and works effectively on loosening the grease and other sticky materials. After that, flushing must be done with the hot water. Repetition is allowed if the first attempt was not so effective.


When every sort of natural solution fails to unclog the piping system of your kitchen sink, it is the right time for you to use household plunger. If there is double sink in your home, then you must seal the second one by using a stopper or a wet cloth.

And fill the other sink with water before start plunging vigorously. You will be able to hear the clear suction of the clog, after that remove the plunger and let the water runs through it at a normal rate.


P-trap is the main area where a large amount of clogged particles get accumulated due to its curviness. It is present in the cabinet at the drainpipe of the sink. While detaching the P-trap, you must place a bucket or a pan under the drain to hold the additional water that comes out from the pipe along with some debris.

After that, you must clean the interior side of the pipe extensively and ensure that the stuck particles get dissolved and eliminated. Re-attach the P-trap and turn on the water supply to check whether it has got fixed or not!

Plumber’s Snake

It is also known as an “auger” and consists of a handy tool to clear the clogs present in the drainage and piping system. To use this, disassembling of P-trap must be necessarily done for exposing the “stubout” or “stub pipe” within the cabinet wall. Then, you can use this device to pull out the clogged materials and make it clear as it was before.

Coat Hanger

A wire coat hanger can be your tool to plunging your kitchen sink drainage system if you can’t find a plunger at your local hardware store. Though, it is not as long as a plumber’s snake but it will certainly reach at some point. Insert it via the stub pipe or kitchen drain or pull or push out the clogged materials including debris efficiently.

Cleaning the kitchen sink at a regular interval of time will ensure its proper functioning in the long run. For this, you have to just make a solution of baking soda and vinegar and pour it down via your skin. This will ensure that it will remain perfect and smell fresh for a long period of time.

Garbage disposal

Moreover, you have to focus that your garbage disposal doesn’t get overflow as it can also be the prime cause for blocked kitchen sink. After every day use, run down sufficient amount of water through the sink so that the debris gets removed immediately.

Most of the plumbing problems result in clogged drainage or piping system and stopped the proper flow of water. Whenever your DIY solutions will get failed for clearing up the clogged obstacles in toilet, shower and bathtub, then it is the right time to hire your one of the best plumbers in London. They will check the issue minutely and make the things normal as it was before.

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