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The Best Tips to Upgrade Your At-Home Coffee Situation

Your five-dollar-a-day spending habit at your favorite coffee shop sounds like a harmless addiction, right? But isn’t there something better you can spend $1,800 a year on? Like maybe an upgrade to your at-home coffee routine?

Imagine having your favorite coffee on-demand, 24/7. The incredible aroma would fill your home’s atmosphere, tantalizing you while you waited for the delicious brew to finish.

Sound like heaven? It doesn’t have to be out of your reach. Just use these simple upgrade tips to fix your at-home coffee situation!

Use Specialty Coffee

Are you using instant coffee as a way to pry your eyes open in the morning? It’s understandable, but for those who’d rather have a high-quality jolt of flavor to wake them up, specialty coffee is the way.

This term refers to any grade of coffee that is considered the best in its class. To get this label, a line of coffee has to pass production standards at the highest level. Everything from how the beans are collected to the final taste when it’s brewed goes into this rating.

No amount of doctoring or adding flavor to an instant brew will give you the high-quality taste of specialty coffee. It’s your first step to upgrading your coffee situation, and it’s worth every penny!

Boost Your Brewer

The kind of beans you use is essential. The next important piece is your coffee machine.

A regular machine limits you to the kind of pressure and grounds it can handle. When you upgrade your brewer, you open your coffee world up to a whole new array of choices.

Even if you already have your favorite style of coffee, upgrading to a Barista-style machine or an espresso maker lets you try endless new recipes.

You can still stick to your tried-and-true when you crave it while trying out different flavors and methods in the meantime.

If you’re not sure where to get started, the Americano recipe is flavor-packed but simple to make. This blog by Taylor Lane walks you through it in an easy-to-follow tutorial.

Play Around With Seasonings

Sometimes, you get that taste that’s good, but something is missing. That’s when you start playing around with seasonings.

The more comfortable you get with the effects of different spices on your coffee, the easier it’ll be to make your own recipes.

You probably already know that cinnamon turns any flavor festive. It’s considered a seasonal taste for the holidays, but many people use it all year. Vanilla, pumpkin spice, and nutmeg are two other popular seasonal additions.

If you’re trying to take the edge of the bitterness without losing the underlying flavor, try a smidgen of salt. A teeny bit turns bitter black coffee into a delectable drink.

When it comes to making your own coffee, anything goes. If you like it, use it! While you’re experimenting, try some lesser-known coffee additions, such as lavender, matcha, ginger, cocoa, or honey.

Add Some Accessories

If you’re ready to make your home area a place to rival any chain coffee shop, don’t forget the accessories!

It’s the little things that often make the biggest difference. With your coffee exploration, the accessories turn an average brew into a frothy, flavorful adventure.

Your at-home coffee area isn’t complete without most, or all, of these upgrades:

  • A grinder to ensure your coffee is evenly ground, whether it’s fine, coarse, or in-between
  • A food scale to measure your beans and your water ratio so you can have the perfect cup every time
  • A frother to give your hot and cold drinks that foamy top layer
  • A coffee thermometer to prevent burnt grounds or under-extracted beans that are too cold

As you become a coffee connoisseur, you’ll realize that it’s these extras that create a perfect drink.

Filter Your Water

Some people swear they can taste the difference in water, while others think one type of H2O is the same as another. The truth is, where your water comes from plays a role in how your coffee tastes.

For instance, if your water comes from a source that is treated with sulfur, your coffee is going to have a remnant of that taste. Many homes have water that goes through pipes with limescale buildup. You’ll get the chlorine and hard mineral taste in your brew.

The best way to make sure your water doesn’t affect the taste of your coffee is to get a filter for your faucet or buy filtered bottles.


Upgrading your at-home coffee bar with these tips will give you the enjoyment of your favorite coffee and the heavenly aroma that goes into making it. You might quickly become a coffee snob, only wanting the brew you’ve come to specialize in!

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