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Shop with Credit card and earn money

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Credit cards have become all the rage in today’s age as they are very convenient to use. They minimize the risk of theft and give you secured payment gateways. Moreover, best credit cards remove the dependency on cash for paying for your transactions as they are increasingly being accepted everywhere, even internationally.

Besides the convenience offered by credit cards, there are reward points, discount vouchers, gift items and other privileges which come inbuilt in the card. In fact, if you use your credit card wisely, you can actually earn money. Let’s understand how –

Conversion of reward points into money

All credit cards allow reward points when you spend using the card. Moreover, reward points are added when you join the card and also on annual renewals. These reward points can be accumulated and then converted to cash equivalents. You can, alternatively, use the accumulated points to pay for your outstanding credit card bills which also help in saving money.

Earning cashback

There are cashback credit cards which offer attractive cash back on every transaction that you do use your card. These cashbacks are expressed either as a percentage of the transaction amount or, in some cases, in absolute amounts. You, therefore, earn money through cashbacks which are promised on such cashback credit cards.

Get gift vouchers on joining and also on renewal

When you apply for a credit card, a welcome gift is usually allowed. This welcome gift can be given in the form of gift vouchers which can be redeemed at the partnered merchants of the credit card issuer. Also, when you renew the card and if you have spent a pre-determined amount using the credit card during the past year, you can get additional gift vouchers which can be redeemed later on. Also, there is also a concept of spending based fee reversal wherein the annual or joining fee paid for the card is refunded if you spend a pre-determined amount of money on the card within a specified period of time.

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Save on fuel transactions

Many best credit cards offer fuel surcharge waiver through which you can save the surcharge payable on your fuel transactions.

Save on lifestyle expenses

Credit cards also promise free movie tickets, discounts at partnered restaurants, discounts, and cash back on booking movie tickets, free air tickets, discount on hotel reservations and other types of lifestyle expenses. These discounts and freebies help you in saving money.

Exchange reward points for gifts

The accumulated reward points can also be redeemed on different types of gifts if you don’t want their cash equivalent. There is a variety of gift options available on reward points and you can make a selection depending on your preference and the accumulated reward points at your disposal. These free gifts, though not cash, give you something extra through the reward points accumulated on your credit card transactions.

So, credit card usage can actually be a great way to earn money and gifts on the transactions that you do. The discounts and privileges offered on the credit card make your expenses a rewarding experience. So, find a card with the maximum benefits to earn money while you spend.

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