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SEO manager Job role and responsibility

SEO manager Job role and responsibility

The SEO Manager tasks are understanding, communication, and execution of all activities associated with organic search in key search engines like Google.
SEO Manager works closely with the Selling team and is responsible for the standard and growth of off-site factors of SEO that enhance organic growth.

The SEO manager job role is to works closely with the planning, Communications, Product selling, and Sales groups to drive the business’s selling campaigns and stigmatization goals by enabling higher search rankings on major search engines.

SEO Manager’s Objectives and Responsibilities

Technical/Analytical Role: For starters, SEO Manager analyzes and manufactures strategic recommendations for the design and promotion of online content. He monitors SEO performance by exploitation tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, crawlers, Moz, Ahrefs, Authority Labs then forth. At this capability, the SEO Manager conjointly stays abreast with trade trends and applies these trends in informing the team’s methods.

At this capability, the SEO Manager tracks, analyzes, and report on key metrics concerning the business’s online audience through information analysis from that he’s ready to build and unceasingly enhance the business’s search rankings on major search engines. This achieved by forwarding keywords and conveyance helpful on-line practices on the content creation and writing groups. In different words, the SEO Manager uses the findings of his analyses to articulate and drive editorial SEO methods.

Strategy: In his strategic role, the SEO Manager conducts analysis and creates a portfolio of target keywords and develops a roadmap strategy for up the business’s rank in search engines and online traffic. Through his analysis on online behaviours and trends of the audience, the SEO Manager is ready to form content selling methods for the creation and repurposing of appropriate content so as to grow the business’s audience, shopper engagement, and awareness across multiple online platforms.

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At this capability, he conjointly develops and performs regular SEO coverage to senior SEO Management, that ties SEO Management on to the business’s goals. The SEO Manager conjointly plays the role of enhancing the present approaches, strategies, and tools supporting the SEO program and to boot develops new approaches that may drive even bigger program potency.

Team Management: The SEO Manager doesn’t work alone and frequently contains a tiny team of 3 to 5 analysts operating with him on a daily. As such, the SEO Manager is liable for growing the talent sets of those members and perpetually up the effectiveness and performance of this junior SEO team. At this capability, it’s the SEO Manager’s duty to remain wise and at par with the most recent SEO trends, impart those practices on the team, and adopt a program that’s in line with them.

Coordination: The role of the SEO Manager isn’t freelance of cross-functional interactions. The SEO Manager works and provides support for the Content writing and Content selling departments by providing them with wise recommendation and approaches for trade website. He conjointly prioritizes and coordinates tasks with the selling team, so as to make sure most impact of those initiatives. The SEO Manager will work closely with the SEM Manager so as to make sure a holistic approach towards search selling.

Other Duties: The SEO Manager performs different duties as he deems suitable the correct execution of his duties or different duties delegated by the Senior SEO Manager, Head of SEO, Director of Search selling, or the leader.

Required Qualifications of the SEO Manager

Education: The SEO Manager should have a Bachelor’s degree in selling, data Technology, engineering, Business Administration, or the other connected field. identical in operating expertise is additionally acceptable.

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Experience: an acceptable candidate for this position has got to have had a minimum of four years of expertise operating with the social and digital content area in addition to some expertise operating in an exceedingly selling position. He will have expertise with SEO and SEM and internet analytics on platforms like Google Analytics, Tweetreach, and Facebook Insights. The candidate will have tested expertise operating with or managing a brand’s page on key social platforms.

A candidate for the position should even have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS and has had a tested and palmy history of business content for a business delivering rank and traffic enhancements through the appliance of SEO techniques.

Communication Skills: Seeing because the SEO Manager plays the roles of optimizing the business’s online content, interacting with key departments personnel in cross-functional settings, making reports and displays for senior SEO Management, and even in person trade the business’s content, A candidate should demonstrate exceptional written and oral communication skills for the situation.

This may facilitate clear and terse communications between collaborating personnel and clear and terse messages within the business’s content. He also possess a capability to convey technical content to non-technical audiences in an exceedingly method that’s simply eatable to them; he will have a capability to tailor content supported the audience at hand.

MS Office/Software: A candidate for the SEO Manager position should be very good in MS Word and PowerPoint, that he can often apply in trade SEO optimized content for online platforms further because of the creation of not solely verbally however visually partaking content for reports and displays directed to senior SEO Management. to boot, the SEO manager must be good within the workings of diary web site hosts like WordPress.

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Analytical/Technological Skills: A candidate for this position should even have a real interest and fervour for analysis and analysis and should demonstrate rigorous strategic, quantitative, analytical, and coverage skills. The SEO Manager has got to be knowledgeable within the use of major SEO tools like Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, SEMrush, Moz, Majestic, etc.. The SEO Manager will like AN equally deep interest in technology, technological appliances, and software, continuously maintaining with developing technologies and SEO trends, which is able to make sure that the business isn’t left behind during this perpetually evolving sector.

Interpersonal Skills: The SEO Manager should conjointly possess bound personal qualities that may guarantee swish, consistent, and economical execution of his functions. He can have the power to figure well in an exceedingly fast atmosphere and be ready to work with efficiency in an exceedingly cooperative and cross-functional setting. additionally, the SEO Manager is versatile and agile, staying prior trends and platform evolutions as they occur. He will have a robust judgment on-line rule, trends, and moderation skills. The SEO Manager will be a deeply inventive individual with effective approaches to difficult or unsure things.

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