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7 Hard Questions to Ask your Personal Trainer before Signing Up

Getting a highly qualified personal trainer from reputed personal training studios like Elevate 360 would be your best bet if you’re aiming to achieve your fitness goals. A qualified personal trainer is knowledgeable on physical fitness essentials implying that they can help you maximize your workouts’ effectiveness and significantly reduce risks of injuries.

Here’s a catch 22: Not all trainers are made the same, meaning that if you’re not keen on your search for a personal trainer in Singapore, chances are there you may land in the hands of an incompetent trainer. You shouldn’t fret, though since finding a good personal trainer in Singapore isn’t really an uphill task. Keep reading to see the essential questions to ask your personal trainer before committing to their program.

What Questions Should I ask a Personal Trainer?

Usually, if you wish to work with a personal trainer, you will need a few appointments before getting started with the programs they would recommend for you. During these appointments, your personal trainer will be asking most of the questions so they can model the best program for you, depending on your needs and personal preferences.

A good personal trainer in Singapore will also allow you space to ask any questions you may have on any concerns you may have about your condition or how their program can help. It is important that you ask as many questions as you can remember so you know what to expect.

Ideally, you may also need to note down the questions so you don’t struggle to remember any of them once you’re in your personal trainer’s office. If you don’t know the essential questions to ask, you’ll find the ones we’ve explained below helpful. Read on.

I. What can I expect from your Program?

Before signing up for a personal trainer’s program, it is prudent that you understand what’s included in the program and how it may benefit your condition. For instance, if your primary goal of working with the personal trainer in Singapore is to lose weight, you may need to determine if nutrition is also part of the program.

On the same note, you will also need to determine how they track your progress, for example taking measurements or changing the number of sessions as you improve. As a general rule, you should be on the same page with the trainer, so you understand in detail what you’re paying for and ensure that everything that you hope for is included in your program.

II. What is your Approach?

Every personal trainer has a specific approach when it comes to physical fitness training. For instance, some trainers prefer to stay quiet during the sessions and lead you; others prefer to train by demonstrating and others fancy shouting commands.

To get the ideal trainer who will help you get the best out of their program, you should find someone with an approach that you like. This will ensure that you get a program that would work best for you.

III. Do you have any Nutrition background?

Even though most of the exercises you will be engaging in with your physical trainer would improve your performance or health, a significant fraction of your progress will be influenced by the foods you eat.

With that in mind, it may be essential that you work with a personal trainer that has a nutrition background or knowledge in a related field especially, if you’re trying to lose weight or bulk up. The trainer will therefore help you understand the important meals you can eat to achieve your goals.

IV. Is there any Special Equipment or Supplement I will need before Starting this Program?

There is a wide range of physical fitness goals and exercises that may need you to add some supplements in your program. There are also some workouts that may require you to use unique sets of equipment to enhance their effectiveness.

Now, even though supplements and special types of equipment would be necessary, you don’t want to work with a personal trainer in Singapore who will want you to spend a fortune on supplements. On the same note, if any special equipment is required, you will need to have all of them ready before starting the program, so you don’t have to stop midways.

V. For how long have you been practicing as a Personal Trainer?

It will also help if you work a personal trainer in Singapore who has spent some time in the fitness industry. This will give you the peace of mind knowing that you’re working with someone who understands the ins and outs of different physical fitness needs.

Other than that, working with an experienced personal trainer will also ensure that you work with someone who can help you adjust your schedules, so you achieve specific goals within a given time frame. They will also guide you on your transitions so you can get the most out of the program.

   VI. How many Days would you Want me to commit for this Program?

The number of days you may need to work out will depend on your fitness goals and health. This is important because there are situations whereby if you fail to meet the required minimum sessions for your exercises, you may not achieve the goals you’re working on, and it would seem like you’re starting all over again.

Depending on your health and fitness goals, a qualified personal trainer in Singapore should help you design a program that would blend with your current schedules. Usually, you can always break your workout times into chunks to create enough time for the exercises.

 VII. What would I need to do if I Fail to Notice any Positive Change?

Any reputed physical trainer in Singapore aims to help you change your current situation. Nonetheless, there are also instances when the recommended exercises fail to deliver according to your expectations.

Asking this question will help put you on the same page since you’ll know beforehand what to expect and what you can do if you’re unlucky not to get the results. Depending on your personal trainer’s preferred methodology, they may fancy changing diets or training to help you improve. Knowing what to expect in case the first technique doesn’t work will help prepare you mentally for any changes that may be necessary.

In Closing

Working with a personal trainer can be fruitful if you manage to come up with a program that addresses your pain points. Get in touch with us so we can help you custom-tailor an effective program depending on your goals or preferences.


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