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5 Secrets from the Pros on Planning Vacation upcoming next

5 Secrets from the Pros on Planning Vacation upcoming next

Where are you headed on your next vacation? Perhaps you want to make an excursion to Europe with your family. Or maybe you’re dying to go on a solo climbing trip. Whatever the case may be, you probably can’t wait to start planning vacation. It’s time to have some fun and make some new memories!

Wherever you go, planning a vacation can be time-consuming. But we have some tips that can make the process a little easier!

Here are five pro secrets to help you plan your next vacation:

See What Type of Seating Your Plane Has Before You Fly

Before you buy airplane tickets, don’t you want to see how the seats look? Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much legroom you’ll have if you buy a ticket?

You’re in luck because there’s a site called SeatGuru that can give you the inside scoop on any type of plane.

With SeatGuru, you’ll be able to view seats and read reviews to ensure that you get the best ticket for your money.

The app also allows you to identify which seats are closest to the lavatory and which ones have the most legroom.

If you’re picky about where you sit (or even if you’re not), getting the lay of the land before taking off will make for a more comfortable flight.

Scout Out Free Wi-Fi Before a Trip

Knowing where to find Wi-Fi during your travels is a good idea. It’ll help you stay in touch with friends and family and prevent you from having to pay for Wi-Fi on your trip.

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If you’re going on a working vacation, finding Wi-Fi is all the more critical. You’ll need an internet connection to correspond with your co-workers back at the office.

So before you head out on your trip, try to map out the areas that are most likely to have free internet. Maybe there’s a cafe on the corner where you can connect to the internet, or perhaps there’s a park with routers where you can work.

And don’t forget about Wi-Fi finder apps! Having one on your phone can make it super easy to get online.

Or, you can check with your phone provider. See if they can help you tether your mobile connection to your computer. It may cost money, but it could make your trip a lot more convenient.

Split Up Valuables

Separating valuables while you travel is a smart thing to do. It would be awful if you had all your credit cards, cash, and jewelry stolen at the same time.

That’s why you should take every precaution to prevent this from happening.

For starters, keep a few cards and some cash in the hotel room at all times. Carry the rest on you.

If you’re traveling with another person, don’t have one person carry everything. Split the essentials up between the two of you in case one person loses their belongings. That way, you’ll have at least some of the stuff you need, no matter what.

There’s nothing worse than having to find a way to pay for things when your credit card disappears. That’s why you have to make sure that you always have backup cash somewhere else.

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And of course, stay aware of your surroundings and always keep track of your belongings. That’s the best way to prevent things from getting lost or stolen.

Have Your First Night’s Stay Already Set Up

It’s fun to hit the road for a spontaneous trip. But, not everything can be done on a whim. If possible, you should find sleeping accommodations sooner rather than later.

As soon as you decide to take a vacation, figure out where you’re going to stay. It only takes ten minutes, and it’ll save you a big headache later on.

Many hotels allow you to cancel your reservations for free if you do so by a certain hour. So even if you don’t know exactly where you’re stopping for the night, it doesn’t hurt to reserve a room in the general area to be safe.

Just make sure to cancel your reservation if you don’t end up at the hotel. Otherwise you’ll be charged!

Planning your first night’s stay will save you a lot of stress. No one likes driving around in a town they’re not familiar with while trying to find a place to stay.

You may not find an available hotel, and driving around late at night also makes you a target for theft.

Call Your Credit Card Companies in Advance

If you’re traveling to a different country, call and inform your credit card companies.

Even if you’re traveling somewhere in the United States, it still won’t hurt to call them.

It’s embarrassing getting a card declined while you’re traveling. Letting them know in advance of your travels can prevent that from happening.

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When you call a credit card company, they’ll make a note of your destinations. Then when they see your card being used in another country, they won’t think you got hacked!

Calling companies isn’t enough. You should also have a debit card and cash on hand. That way, if a card gets declined, you’ll have another option.

In Summary

A vacation should never feel like work. After all, the whole point is to step away from your job for a week to straighten out your work-life balance.

Luckily, these tips can help you have a calm and stress-free trip.

You’re now a traveler with some incredible travel secrets. Remember these tricks and share your knowledge with other travelers. It’s time for you to plan an unforgettable vacation!


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