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Jenga Payment Gateway And Jenga Api – Every Way To Pay

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Jenga Payment Gateway and Jenga API is best payment gateway solution and online payment service provider in kenya. They provide secure payment gateway, payment processing, payment system, ecommerce payment gateway and accept credit card payments also.

Best payment gateway solution and secure payment gateway integration for eCommerce, bcommerce and mcommerce website and also use for debit and credit card payment process, bill payment and for shopping bill payment. Jenga payment gateway and jenga API  are explained below with procedure to installation.

Jenga Payment gateway

Retailers have to prepare their business to embrace changes to stay on top of their competitors. Africa has a fast-growing economy with a population of 1.3 Billion as of 2nd April 2019. With current data, shows that the African population medium age is 19 years. Retailers in Africa can use this opportunity to expand their market share across all regions in Africa as well as outside Africa. Digital is the future now, so you should prepare to embrace it and create a ground that will help your business to benefit from this new era of the information age.

Welcome to the future that guarantees your business prosperity and customers satisfaction. We know that you generate leads from different channels, and medium all these people they have different behavior and preferences. Jenga is here to make sure you convert all lead your eCommerce website receives.

Many customers abandon checkout if they don’t find their preferred payment method. With Jenga online payment gateway this problem is solved. You will never lose customers because of limited payment methods on your website. Jenga will help you to build an eCommerce website that has every way to pay.

With Jenga payment gateway portal you will be able to receive payment from about 180 currency via card payment, mobile payment or bank account payments. Our API supports different local and international card providers like Visa and AMEX. Payments from digital wallets like Paypal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay are also accepted.

With a single integration of Jenga online payment gateway, you will be able to make payments from all trusted mobile payments providers from 7 countries. Pay bills and utilities on time. Create a bank account, check balance, create a statement and search transaction. Forex exchange now is simple. Create loans.

We all know how challenging it is when it comes to transferring a large amount of money. That is the reason we add bCommerce service on our gateway. If your a B2B business this will help you to receive money from your customers. Our payment will enable your website to accept real-time money transfer from bank. You don’t need to worry about it anymore. Jenga is a 360-degree financial management system that you must have for your business.

Jenga is amongst the products created by Finserve Africa. Finserve is a Fintech company in Kenya with diverse products that can aim to disrupt the financial management industry. We have different products according to your needs.

We are happy to tell you that Jenga is the one-stop online payment service providers that can guarantee to give you and your customers what you need. The system designed to save different sectors from eCommerce shops, Aggregators, Church, Government institutions, Startups, NGO, Charities, and Enterprises.

It’s not late yet, you can make it possible now by integrating Jenga payment gateway to your system. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you on all process required so that you can have a secure payment gateway and reliable payment gateway running in your system and website.


For Jenga API Payment gateway integration you need to signup and register for Jenga HQ account to get started. Jenga HQ account allows you to view completed transactions and generate API keys for your applications. If you have an account, you need a developer to help you with integration. When she finished, you can take care of the rest. Reach us through [email protected] when you need some help.


The Jenga Payment Gateway APIs are organized to confirm the design principles of Representational State Transfer (REST). We also use the JSON data format for requests and responses. You can use our application program interface to make custom checkout, integrate with our SDK for mobile apps or Javascript for the website.

Our REST APIs are simple to understand and use. Is predictable with standard HTTP response codes for all API errors to allow you to interact securely with the API from any client-side web or mobile application. All our APIs require authentification. Click here to read more about REST API integration.

Authentication and Authorization

JengaAPI supports the OAuth 2.0 Authentication Framework, requiring you to provide a username and password, and API key that you generate on Jenga HQ part of HTTP Basic Authentication to generate a Bearer token.

Once you have a token you can make subsequent requests to initiate payments, check completed transactions.

API Keys

Requests sent to Jenga Payment Gateway have to be authenticated using your account’s API keys. This key is associated with your Jenga HQ account.

Every account will have two API keys: one for testing and one for running live transactions, available for you to view on your Jenga HQ dashboard.

Once you have logged in to Jenga HQ, navigate to the API Keys page under the Developers section by selecting from the left-hand navigation and tap on the button ‘Generate New Keys’.

A set of credentials will be revealed – among which is the API Key which you can copy and store securely elsewhere.

Generate your Bearer Token

To generate your Bearer token, you’ll need your username, password, and the API Key that you will pass in the Authorization header of your request.

Generate Signature

ensure the security of your transactions or requests. We have implemented security controls to ensure transactions can only be initiated by you and no one else. To achieve this, we use message signatures.

Once you have API keys and Bearer token as well as your signature you can make first API call. Install now in your website for payment gateway solution.

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