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How the Office Environment/Interior Impacts Employees Productivity?

The office spaces have undergone a big change since the early 2000s to now. We have evolved from closed cubicles to open floor plans, recreation zones, and a greener space. While all sorts of trends have changed the office spaces into a whole new avatar, one thing that remains constant is the impact that office environment makes on employees’ productivity.

In this highly competitive business world, employers and business owners are always concerned about creating a healthy working environment that takes care of employees’ productivity, health, and wellbeing. The facilities, space, design and work conditions define the growth and prosperity of the business. Here is how!

Lighting affects productivity

Good natural lighting is essential to creating a healthy working environment. Where dim lighting can lower productivity and cause stress to the employees, fluorescent lighting is often known to cause headaches and anxiety while working. Incorporating a balance of natural and bright lighting to create a cheerful and lively space in the office facilitates productivity.

When space is well lit with sources of light from all corners, employees feel active and energized to work for hours. As the day descends the lighting plays a major role in improving productivity. Offices which have bright lights even for the dark hours have high productivity levels even in the late hours of the day.

Office furniture

Earlier the offices were defined by cubicle culture leaving very less space for the employees to call their own. The limited and closed spaces offered no creative insight and no motivation for the employees to work endlessly. Office furnishing trends today bring more open space for employees to work, create, connect and inspire. When it comes to working for extended hours, the office furniture needs to be comfortable too.

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It can become painful for the employees to work productively when the chairs aren’t comfortable or the desks don’t give the extended space for all their needs. Office furniture defines office comfort for motivating the employees to continue working for at least 8-10 hours a day. The right furniture with cushioned/reclining chairs, open desks, greenery around and fancy designs makes the employees spend more time in the office with interest in working.

Noise in the office

Noise distraction is one of the biggest causes of decreased productivity in offices. Noise in the office can distract the employees off their work and make it difficult to concentrate. While some employees need a background sound to work effectively, the others work best when there is silence in the office. In an office layout, it is essential to create a balance between silent spaces and sound environment.

With office having spaces, where the employees can disconnect from the noise and focus on their work productivity, is channelized. Having different zones like open office space, closed conference rooms, silence zones, etc helps employees choose their space for productive working.

Temperature and ambiance

Employees need to feel calm and comfortable when carrying on their routine office activities. As office needs mental and physical work from employees it is essential to have good temperature and ambiance in the office. Good ventilation, proper temperature settings, open spec for fresh air, greenery, etc play a key role in making the employees feel and live comfortably in the office.

When the offices tend to be clumsy and closed the productivity levels go down. Where the office temperatures are hotter or cooler than the required, employees tend to be stressed, uncomfortable and unproductive. With good in-house air conditioners, heaters, ventilation system, and open spaces offices have to turn into spaces where one can feel as comfortable as home.

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Office space

Closed office spaces are often a concern for the employees to work through. When the furniture is too closely assembled and piled up with files and folders, it leaves no space for the employees to move around. The clumsiness often gets into the nerves leading to an unorganized and cluttered workspace. Spacing out the furniture to extend leg space, walk around and design the office in an organized manner helps create a healthy workspace.

Employees can organize their documents, move around freely and take their comfortable space to sit and work on their projects. This free-feel with open spaces gives the employees the freedom to work with motivation and keep up with their deadlines well.

Workspace benefits

About 87% of the employees urge for a healthier working space from their employers. These include workspace benefits like recreational rooms, wellness rooms, fitness corners, sit-stands, smoking zones, eatery spaces, etc. The ROOM concept allows the employees to have their privacy when attending to an important call, taking time out to eat food in solidarity, meditate to get the mind in place and even converse with the colleagues on their projects.

The workspace rooms offer a plethora of activities for the employees to indulge in and work on their wellness. When the employees feel that their mental, physical and emotional needs are being served in the offices they tend to stay motivated and work for extended hours too.

Interiors in line with the vision

Away from all the materialistic things and recreational activities if there is one thing that can keep the employees motivated – it’s an inviting atmosphere! A strong work culture that complements the vision of the business can work wonders. Interiors that reflect the work culture of the office makes the people connect and business on a personal level. While some media houses design the interiors with a lot of pop colors and artistic inspiration, the corporate keep it subtle. The idea is to implement an interior that defines a sound and inviting office atmosphere.

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93% of the employees tend to stay longer and work harder when they have an office environment that meets their health and well being. From phone booths, personal space to facilitates, amenities and freedom – an office space needs to be more accommodating to the employees’ comfort and needs for enhanced productivity. An office environment builds up the productivity levels of the employees!

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