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List of Top Universities in London for Scholarship 2019

Do you want to enroll in a post-graduate or Master level program? Did you decide which country you want to study from? Well, London is the popular most study destination for not only international students but locals too. But the thing is, you need an extra bunch of savings to buy a ticket, need to cover living expenses plus admission fees are the biggest hustle. 

What if those top universities would cater to your needs and bring you to the destination you always think dreamed of 2019 is the best year to choose your degree program and courses you want to cover for your majors and select the one best university that provides full scholarship according to your need. 

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Scholarship Specifically for International/Native Students in London

Students who are not native speakers or do not live in London have specific scholarship programs given by UK governments. If you think you are the perfect student who deserves such opportunities plus have good study achievements and awards then go for it.

Students who are able to write cheap dissertation writing services for their scholarship essay to be approved could get a chance to be selected in these UK government programs.  

The situation of Brexit has made an issue of whether the EU students should pay tuition fees and students loan double or not. But despite all the uncertainty, the government does not want to lose their non-native students. Although, this issue has been silent for just a time being there is a debate going on. 

Chevening Scholarships

People who perform well in their academic life have a great opportunity to avail of such a platform for further studies. Those students who have a good Academic benchmark are selected to be a part of a program held by the UK government.

Those who think that they are the ones who can achieve such an area of expertise and develop academically to explore London and it’s culture feel free to apply. 

Commonwealth Scholarship

The Commonwealth Scholarship platform for an opportunity in Academia is basically for those who pursue a degree in Master or PhD. There are other opportunities which are been given to students who are selected for this program such as students’ academic history is checked plus traveling fare, tuition, and examination fees, thesis grant if applicable is all provided to them. 

Rose Bursary, University College London

The scholarships given to students are for a bachelor’s degree program, this only permitted to UK national. The eligibility criteria should be met when applying for such programs such as,

  • He/she must have an offer of admission to UCL
  • The applicant must be enrolled to a full-time undergraduate program 
  • They have done their secondary education at a ‘UK state-funded’ school. 
  • The candidates must be selected on the basis of their financial documentation as it will be assessed by UCL. 
  • Unite Foundation Scholarships, Queen Mary London

The unite foundation scholarship on behalf of Queen Mary London take care of students who are study oriented and who are planning for their career to bloom with their help. 

This foundation has already given scholarship opportunities to students and helps them peruse graduate, postgraduate or Ph.D. degree without any family support. The criteria to select the candidate are based on household income or financial needs for native students. If you want to apply for the scholarship program try visiting the page on 1 January for 2020/21. 

Betty MacQuitty Scholarship LSE

If you want to be a part of the Betty MacQuitty scholarship program then the applicant must have the age of 21 years who can avail of these financial needs. The scholarship is for undergraduate students who are studying any discipline in LSE.

The scholarship amount given would be almost £20,050 per academic year. And for the second and third year, it is going to be renewable according to academic performance. This program is for the UK natives only. 

Students of UK and EU

The students coming from the EU or United Kingdom have the eligibility of LSE bursary scholarship according to the household income. If the residual income is lowest the maximum bursary will be £4,000 per year. 

University of Westminster International Scholarships

The wait is over the university of Westminster is now accepting the application for January 2020 slot. This is the only UK based country to offer a full scholarship opportunity to postgraduate students. We have given scholarships to almost 50 countries students around the world. 

The students applying for a scholarship in the University of Westminster has to only be able to do for one scholarship. And you cannot apply twice in a year if you did not appear for admission. This means if the application for the scholarship is rejected for September then the next time you will apply will be valid in 2021 September. 

Brunel University London

The degree is a precious asset for students and it is a worthy investment each year done by them. The University has offered almost 100 scholarships to students each year to international students. The partial fees for living and university fees are estimated to be £6000 a year.             

The amounts given to cover expenses are for postgraduate students towards the first years of the study period. And the undergraduate will receive the same amount but till the first three years of the study period. The registration for January 2020 is opened for you avail it and booked your seats. To not get rejected form such amazing platforms eazy research should be perfectly written and structured.  So, that it would stand out from other applicants easily.  

Final verdict 

Dreaming to study in London is just a rational approach this is why students go towards scholarships and funding programs to compensate themselves for the bright future. 

However, those scholarship platforms rely on students’ Academic performances, achievements, awards and essays as there are millions of applicants around the world. The selection of choosing an applicant is kind of difficult. Or if you are an EU national the scholarship is directly given to you. It is basically your luck and your determination, if you are capable enough to be parts of one of those programs, try applying it and see. 

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