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4 Link Building Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Link Building Mistakes

Link building is a fundamental SEO method that is used by most bloggers for a long time. According to the search results done by Backlinko, it is reported that backlinks played an enormous role in search engines in the year 2020. Hence, it shows how significant it is.

There are numerous ways to create an effective link building strategy with guest posting sites asking you to accommodate according to their needs. After all the efforts, mistakes still occur. In this blog post, you will get to know about the common link-building mistakes people make and how you can work to fix them.

Link Building Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Buying or Selling Links

Buying and selling of links are done when bloggers only focus on Google Page Rank. However, with time, Google stops this practice, and claims it to be a toxic service, and starts penalizing them. Though these services are not in practice anymore, there are still some of them using it as their link-building strategy. When Google catches the website using the black hat strategy for building links, they remove your website from the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It makes a vast impact on the traffic of the specific website as well. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid the process of buying or selling links and the websites that are pitching you for the process.

Reaching Out to Wrong Websites

You tend to score multiple links, but if those links are not relevant according to your niche or interests, you will not get the benefit of link building. It is because when locating value to the links, Google looks for the relevance of your links to the website you are linked in. Thus, bloggers should focus on websites as per their niches. Moreover, you can look at the backlinks of top competitors’ websites, when you are not sure which site you should be reaching out to.

Rapid Building of Links

There is no such rule of the rapid building of links. However, if you try to acquire manipulative links, you will be penalized by Google. It is significant for you to understand the importance of quality over quantity. Hence, rather than obtaining multiple links from low-quality websites, it is advisable to pitch authoritative and relevant websites for quality links. It will benefit you in SEO rankings a lot.

Avoiding Internal Links

Like external links, you should focus on internal links as well. It is because internal links are valuable in SEO and let Google know the most relevant page of your site. However, many website owners forget to include appropriate anchor text on internal pages. Thus, it is significant to consider the relevant keyword to rank your page for. Then, use anchor text to build links to that page.


Every SEO strategy including, link building, requires a lot of time and effort to acquire success and growth in the industry. These mistakes are the barriers that stop your website from growing. Thus, guest posting sites try to fix them and allow you to avoid these mistakes, thereby saving your website from being compromised.


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