Know The Basic Difference Between Dunlop And Talalay Mattress

Latex is a material which is derived from the sap of rubber trees. It has great durability and natural flexibility which is why it is used in various industrial purposes. Mattresses made from latex have recently become very popular among people.

Mattresses made from latex can provide body-contouring comfort and relief from pain by exerting pressure to main pressure points. Latex mattresses have various benefits as compared to a memory foam mattress. Latex mattresses are cooler than any other mattress and they also have a great life span. Dunlop vs Talalay mattress can be compared effectively.

The latex is processed in two major ways to produce mattress from it. The processes Are mainly Dunlop and Talalay. Beds are either made by using any of the processed latex or both types of latex is used for building a bed.

How is Dunlop latex processed?

  • Latex is collected in a liquid state and then it is whipped into a froth.
  • This froth is then injected in a mould that is in the shape of a mattress and baked in a vulcanisation oven to give it a shape of a mattress.
  • After baking the mattress is removed from the mould and washed to remove dirt from it.
  • It is then again baked for the second time to remove excess moisture from it.

Round outdoor rugs target is set to match Dunlop mattresses since people prefer buying mattress and rugs together. Outdoor area rugs are also available in various designs that add comfort to the underfoot section when you are walking on the floor barefooted.

 How is a Talalay mattress processed?

 The Talalay mattress is produced using a more intense and new method. Following are the steps involved

  • The latex obtained is whipped to form a froth and it is then injected into a mould. The mould is half-filled.
  • The mould is then vacuum-sealed and the latex is allowed to expand and fill the mould itself.
  • The latex is then fresh-frozen, pushing carbon-dioxide through the mattress thus making foam lighter.
  • The frozen latex is then baked and washed.

This manufacturing process makes the consistency of the mattress homogenous. Talalay mattress is light and fluffy and is softer and less dense as compared to Dunlop mattress. Thus, Talalay mattress lacks firmness and density due to which it may not be able to serve as the same support component.

Last words

 If you are looking to buy a new mattress, be sure about the major points based on what you would pick a mattress. Go for a mattress that suits your needs. Along with several methods of production, some mattresses are made from different materials to provide a different level of firmness and comfort. The resident home design must match with your choice so that your home gets a great look. Just the design doesn’t matter, select a mattress that provides a great level of comfort and eases the body pain.


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