Top 5 Low-Cost Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas

Finally, you have made a decision to redesign, redecorate, and renovate your old-fashioned bathroom. You are thinking of bathroom remodel ideas that can add comfort to your home, not to mention its resale value too. Think of some materials and designs you saw once and lost your heart to those awesome bathroom remodel ideas. Now you want that same bathroom design at your home. 

No worries! With professionals of bathroom remodlers, you’ll get the bathroom design you have dreamed of. They know that uniquely designed bathrooms reflect the way you live or you want to live. With them, you don’t need to have mega-bucks for complete bathroom remodel. Their prices are way close to your budget without compromising the quality work for which they are known. They will transform your bathroom into a relaxing cool space you were passionate about. 

Complete Bathroom Remodel Cost 

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs, Value report, average bathroom remodel costs around $11,000 to almost up to $26,000. And if you are pretty much creative to do the work yourself, you can do a bathroom remodel for $1,000 to $5000 or even less, conditional to how much you want and can afford. If your budget is equal to or less than $1000, pay attention to cosmetic changes only like new sinks, new fixtures, new paint etc. Or if have hefty amount to spend, focus on the bigger changes like tile flooring, large shower, large window or more. Don’t worry about the costs first, think of plenty of ways to renovate and redesign on a budget. 

Determine The Bathroom Layout

Bathroom layouts designing is the tricky thing you can do when doing DIY project. Situation becomes even trickier when you have limited space to bring your dream into reality. If vanity and bathtub in your bathroom is less commonly used, then you may use the less space for vanity installation and replace the bathtub with the shower and small section for bathing. You can also take guidelines from the South Shore nearest bathroom designers. 

Materials To Be Used In Bathroom Designing

Where storage options and layouts are standardized, interesting material like stylish tiles, various color patterns, bright lighting, granite countertops and vanity designing also can liven up the bathroom beauty there.

Stone and granite are ideal show material choices for people who can’t take pain of daily cleaning. Also, for the floor, you can install the colorful, patterned tiles and a colorful tile backsplash countertop. Add a bit of personality in your bathroom design with hardware accessories like cabinet pulls faucets and shower heads. 

Do I Need To Decorate Bathroom Design?

Answer to this question is, no remodel is complete without ornaments. These ornaments give a finishing touch to your completely new bathroom. Some antique artwork or decorative vase with fresh flowers brings uniqueness to your home. 

1.Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Ideas 

Most of us think when we hire bathroom remodeling contractors to lay out the number of tiles and specific designs for you, tiles become expensive. That’s not the real case actually. If you look for the quality and want to spend your greenbacks in bathroom renovation, then have faith in them too. They are helpful in getting you the quality material in amount less than you could have paid without their help. 

If you still want to give a shot at your end, then we would suggest you to limit the amount of tile to high-impact areas ( floor). Also, you can design the walls of the bathroom with one horizontal strip of tiles and paint the rest of the wall with oil-based paint. It is the best way to save tons of money on minimalistic architectural designs. 

2.Ideas To Save On Countertops

Well, bathroom countertops are small. Less investment is required on bathroom granite countertops than kitchen countertops which require more space. Try to use the less popular colors to make your countertop installation budget friendly. Or you can also purchase a slab having imperfections. More the imperfections, less will be the price. 

3.Repaint The Bathroom Instead of Tiling

No wish to spend more on thebathroom remodel will lead you towards an idea of repainting the walls at a cheapest rate. Though cheap, but most effective way of giving your bathroom a brand-new look. Nevertheless, professional painting requires painters, time and patience. Apply painters’ tape and do neat and clean painting of your bathroom especially around the shower, sink, mirror, switch plates and bath tub. 

But keep one thing in mind, you may compromise on tiles cost , hardwares etc but not on the quality of paint. Bathroom is a moist place where the chances of mildew and mold growth are higher. Therefore, invest less but invest good on high quality paint with a satin finish. 

4.Update The Fixtures With A Help Of Remodelers

Having an eye on the minor details of a bathroom can make it more visionary. These little details include light fixtures, sinks, towel racks, drawer pulls and faucets that will be easy on pockets too. Some of you might think of these as unnecessary but believe me this can make a big difference in the overall look of your bathroom. Another often overlooked, yet important detail is freshening up of grout and caulk. Unclean grout looks bad to eyes. Therefore, keep the grouts and caulk by spending a few extra dollars there too. 

5.Redo Is Far Better Than Buying 

Get professional relining of your old bathtub then replacing it. Alternatively, sink and shower fixtures need replacement at low cost. Refinishing of these two hardwares is highly expensive. Professional bathroom remodeling contractors have a better idea for you. If you have procelain built vintage bathroom fixtures, you can cast fiberglass or iron. This refinishing will cost you hardly $100-150

Final Words

These were some money-saving ideas to redesign, renovate and redecorate a bathroom. Redo your own bathroom with the help of bathroom remodeling South Shore Ma near you and give it a boost by getting some more inspirational bathroom ideas from the experienced designers.


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