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Creative Things to Do in the Backyard

The backyard is such a wonderful space. It is where your kids can play, or where you can have your friends come over for a BBQ, lie out in the sun, built a snow fort, or have beautiful gardens with roses. You name it. You can create it. The great thing about having outdoor space is what you can do with it.

A little imagination can go a long way or if you lack a little in creativity then there is also the wonderful world of Pinterest or of course you can hire someone to come be creative for you!

Here are a few ideas that you could incorporate into your living space if you choose to change things up.

Rock Lawn

If you’re looking for something unique, then a Rock Lawn is just that. When you think of a backyard, normally you would picture grass right? Well, why not switch it up a little?

A rock lawn is a lot less maintenance than grass, however, it does still require some weeding and raking at times to keep it looking nice and clean. But, no grass stains? Not as many bugs or grass living creatures and very practical. Rock lawns are also great for durability especially when it comes to vehicles and visitors.

We have all had that person who decides to park on the lawn. Well, if you have a rock lawn then it really isn’t a worry because no damage will be done. It really is worth looking into!

Raised Gardens

Having your own garden is such a fantastic thing and of course, you have options. If you’re a flower person, then you can choose the colors you want and love and create a masterpiece in your backyard. However, if you’d like to grow your own vegetables but don’t have the right land to dig, then you could just build a raised bed.

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All you would need is a few pieces of 2×4, normally structured in the shape of a rectangle, however, the world is your oyster, you could also make a giant square or a few smaller ones depending on your space. Make it as high as you want- the higher it is the less bending or kneeling you have to do, and then fill it with a good mixture of fertilizer, black earth, and topsoil.

You can get help with this at any nursery or garden place. Then pick the veggies you want to grow (be sure to check which ones do well in your climate) and have fun and eat fresh.

Winter Wonderland

Here is where the real fun beings and your creativity can shine – The winter season. Truth be told winter time is fantastic. You can basically create anything with snow! In some places, there are even sculpture competitions where you build/sculpt one on your own property and they come to see it.

Neat hey?  If you’re living in a place that gets a decent amount of snow you can use a snow blower to pile it all in one spot to create your wildest dreams. If you don’t have a snow blower but you’re interested in getting one, check out backyardboss for all the information you’ll ever need. Another fun thing you can do in your backyard with a snowblower creates an ice rink – can you say hot chocolate and skating?

Fish Pond

fish pond

A really cool addition to a backyard living space is a fish pond. These normally work well in warmer climates, however now there is the option to have underwater heat pumps installed so that your fishies are protected all year round.

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Most outdoor fish ponds would have fish such as Koi or Goldfish as they are very resilient to changing temperatures. You can attempt to build one of these yourself, as many do, however, if you can, I would suggest hiring a professional to come and construct it so there is no worry involved and you can sit back knowing that your fish have safe and well-constructed home to live in year round.


No matter the season, there is always some way to enjoy your backyard space with a gathering of friends and a good BBQ. You can really create the oasis that you’ve always wanted, whether that means space for fun in the sun, a green garden, a winter wonderland or all of these above. You name it, you can do it. Bit by bit you can change your space and turn it into one that is perfect for you and your family wants and needs. Need a great space for the kids? Do it. Want to grow fresh foods? You can! The options are endless, so grab some gloves and get started!

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