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How Does Your Mattress Affect Your Sleep and Health?

Let’s go on a fascinating journey, shall we? Imagine that you’re back from your stressful 9-5. You head straight to the bathroom for a quick shower, and afterward, savor a hot meal which satisfies you in just the right way! You put on your nightwear, let out a deep sigh of satisfaction as you bounce on your oh-so-lovely mattress; and fall asleep under the air conditioner. Now, visualize waking up the next morning, fit as a fiddle.  Cool right? Yeah. One of the many amazing benefits of a good night rest!

Ranging from efficient learning to good reproductive health, the benefits of good sleep cannot be overemphasized. There are powerful brain waves that occur during the deep hours of sleep at night. These brain waves possess high power electrical impulses at the tops called spindles which act as file transfer mechanisms for moving memory from the short-term reservoir to some more permanent long- term reservoirs; making learning more effective.  Also, a scientific study reports that men who have just 5 hours of sleep a night have about the same level of testosterone as men who are 10 years older than them. I know of no one who wants to age faster; or do you?

However, it is important to understand that these benefits of sleep mostly occur during deep sleep i.e. ditch quantity in favor of quality.

But how do we improve the quality of our sleep?

A very short, yet highly effective answer to this question is this: By investing in the purchase of a good mattress.

As with any other facet of life, the effect of a mattress on your sleep is a two-sided coin; it has its pros and cons. In other words, just as a good mattress could affect your health positively, a seemingly bad mattress can do so negatively.

Let’s take a look at the negative effects of a bad mattress on your sleep and health

  1. Soreness

If you wake up feeling sorer than before you sleep, then you probably have a bad mattress. One of the functions of a mattress is to provide adequate support for your body and spine although you may need a pillow to keep your head and neck in line. In as much as different people have their own level of tolerance for a mattress’s firmness; always choose what makes you feel at least a little bit more agile when you wake up.

  1. Back Pain

As a mattress age, it begins to wear out and sag. This means that instead of having a flat, comfortable surface, you begin to sleep on a mattress which curves into the middle. Do you know what experts compare this to? – sleeping in a hole! A good recipe for chronic back pain, if you ask me.

To most people, they consider back pain the most likely cause of insomnia they experience. This speculation is not totally false.  Over time, this pain makes it increasingly harder to nod off and stay asleep. This creates a vicious cycle of exhaustion. So instead of regaining strength during your sleep, you get more exhausted- such an irony. It is even more devastating when we bring it to memory that all these troubles are caused by simply a lack of a good mattress!

  1. Skin Problems

Here comes another problem with sleeping on a bad mattress. Over time, the mattresses we sleep on collect all sorts of bugs and germs. These germs are invisible and we seem to get along well with them. If you suffer from allergies too, the bad mattress could pose a problem too. The dust mite can cause sneezing, watery nose, coughing, sinus pressure, itchiness, runny noses and a whole lot of other illnesses including asthma.

On the other side, the extremely much benefits of choosing to sleep on a good mattress could be overwhelming.  Apart from the positive effect, it has on your psychological health by a reduction in your stress and anxiety levels, a good mattress could improve your overall life quality. Allow me to enlighten you.

Your sleep cycle is divided into 3 non-rapid eye movement stages (n-REM) and one rapid eye movement stage (REM).  During the first two n-REM stages, the body muscles relax. They grow during the third and we have dreams during the fourth stage (REM). The last two stages are the most important stages of our sleep. If we have a bad mattress which infers us with back pain, we would be too restless to even reach these stages of sleep; depriving us of the true need for sleep.

Wrapping Up

Would it be wise to get a mattress with a proven record of excellence? Customers just like you participated in the Zing Green Tea memory foam Mattress review at SleepDelivered and gave their unbiased verdict on the extensive memory foam, hybrid and innerspring mattresses offered by the Zinus group. Be sure to check out these outstanding reviews, and get a mattress that makes you grin in delight, every single morning.

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