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Important Tips to Help Children Model the Right Behaviour


While growing up, children largely follow everything and everyone around them. This lead to children imitating the behaviour based on their observation. Children model their behaviour by observing how the grownups, including their parents, around them behave. With their observation and grasping power at peak, modelling right behaviour becomes crucial as they pick up even the tiniest of things from parents and teachers. This the why both plays a crucial role in modelling the child behaviours.

Here are the best tips to aid children modelling the right behaviour.

1. Being aware and conscious

Parents may not realize that kids have the ability to learn greater by observing others perform any actions. This is why, teachers and parents are real role-models for children, especially in early education. The formative years are when toddlers adopt the personality by repeatedly observing things around them. Preschool in Ahmedabad will teach them manners and prepare them for elementary school, but, parents need to be aware and see that they pick up the right habits.

Refraining from reckless behaviour and bad habits is the first step. Chances are, even the best daycare centres can fail if parents do not adopt responsible behaviour around toddlers.

2.Allowing children to notice

When you are aware enough of your doings around your child and stay mindful, let the child see the good in you. Make it evidently noticeable for them to see, observe and learn from your behaviour. Quarrelling, outrageous behaviour, and discussing problems in front of your child is a big no-no. When you want them to notice you, avoid swear words or making any derogatory remarks.

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Best preschools usually have a parent-child or mom and toddler program to align the house teachings in the offered syllabus. Teachers observe and notice the bond that a parent share with their child and recommends exercises to do at home which involve play pretend and involving a child in good habits that parents inculcate as a way to impart disciplinary education.

3.Giving focuses attention

Parents in big cities are almost caught up in their schedules doing mundane tasks. This means they give less time to children or worst, give smartphones to engage them in the momentary pastime. Giving them undivided attention ensures that they can model your behaviour and adapt life ideas approach for everyday things.

Making as much eye contact as possible with your kids helps. It brings their attention and make way for a healthy conversation that helps them to model your good qualities. This can also turn your child to a good listener with this habit which ultimately adds up to learning by observing and listening.

4.Following the Set Rules

Before you bring up rules exclusively for a child, try following them. If you want your child to sleep and wake up on time, do so with them. That’s how they learn and accept. Simply imposing them out of fear or bribe isn’t a healthy approach in a longer run. Breaking those rules by yourself will do more harm than benefitting them. This holds true even for small matters like avoid watching the TV while having dinner. If you do so and not allow a child to do that, turns them to become a rebel, rightly so.

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Same way, preschool does the best in indulge child towards adopting healthy behaviour as a part of learning from teachers and support staff. Even the teachers follow rules when at the activity classes for toddlers in Ahmedabad, motivating children to refrain from doing something which is not permitted.

5.Providing Constructive Feedback

Offering rationale feedback is the way towards getting them to follow you. Even if they do something silly or make mistakes in academics, offer solutions that involve praises with corrections rather than writing them off completely. This helps your child to pick up the learnings easily and apply to those around them. It gives them the knack of interpersonal skills benefitting themselves and peers around them in a longer run.

And all that you suggest them, be it everyday life of academics and model the behaviour that you suggest them to have them accept it. If you want your kids to read more and be kind, you can ask them to do so graciously and you too can follow the same as mentioned in the above point. This means you will be giving them the instructions while allowing them to model your behaviours as well based on the constructive feedback that you give.

Other important tips

–    Don’t expect your child to be perfect. Introspect yourself and see your flaws. Accept your child the way they are and give them feedback positively as and when needed.

–    Though conflicts are part of adulthood, try resolving those peacefully especially when the child is around. Speak respectfully and be mature in your behaviour to let them model the best of you.

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–    Try not to flip out when someone cuts you off during the conversation. Kids smartly pick up these small actions when it comes to resolving conflict.

–    Raising conscientious children will require gratitude. Incorporate the same in your day to day life and they too will learn. Be happy in little pleasures, be thankful to everyone and everything around you. This teaches them the gratitude, modelling it through your behaviour.


While modelling the behaviour may ask more of you, learn from your own mistakes as a child learns from you. Telling is easier than done. But, it’s also easier to forget. That’s why it is important for you to mind your actions and teach them lifelong habits by allowing them to simply follow you.

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