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How to Tweak your Motorcycle’s Weight

Sydney is a great place to be for motorcycle riders. It is still the quickest and most economical way to go to their office every day. They can weave out of the traffic and avoid being late. But they can also weave on gas because of the motorcycle’s fuel consumption. For example, the average motorbike can average 4-6 litres per 100 kilometres, a figure that any four-wheel vehicle can dream of. With more value for your money, you can now go on a road trip during weekends without worrying about blowing your gas budget. 

For beginners, especially those with average build or height, the weight of the motorcycle may intimidate them. It could be a serious issue. The intimidation can lead to fear, which will prevent you from fully unlocking the potential of your motorcycle. It will also prevent you from graduating from scooters or automatics to bigger bikes, such as the scrambler, cruiser, or street series from Triumph motorcycles in Sydney.

While it is understandable that you do not want to waste your hard-earned money, the fact is that there is no such thing as a perfect motorcycle. Regardless of the brand, there are always some pros and cons according to size, displacement, design, and weight. 

Fortunately, there are ways to shed off some excess weight on your motorcycles without necessarily compromising on ride and safety. 

  • Change the battery — Try to change your stock battery, which may still be running old lead-acid technology, into a lithium-ion fuel cell instead. By doing this simple tweak, you can cut the weight of your motorbike. On average, lithium batteries are 30% lighter compared to standard batteries.
  • Remove unnecessary mods — If you bought a second-hand motorcycle, there might be some modifications in the exhaust, backrests, and saddlebags. These mods were designed for both comfort and performance. But if you want to stretch your gas mileage and keep the weight down, you can strip your motorcycle down to the basics.
  • Upgrade some parts — Some stock parts might be weighing down your motorcycle, especially the sprockets and the exhaust. There are some aftermarket products that will not only reduce the weight but also boost the performance of your bike. Aluminium performance parts are noted for their lightness and durability. In the same vein, there are lighter rims that are actually better than the stock option. 
  • You can replace your fender into a shorter one if you are using your motorcycle on the street and not really for off-roading. If you are a solo driver, you can shorten your seat and remove the footpeg for the passenger. However, it is not advisable to cut too much weight on your motorcycle because you are compromising balance and stability. 

If you are tired of your scooter, it is time to level up. But if you are intimidated by the size of the motorcycle, you can start with the scramblers from Triumph motorcycles in Sydney. They weigh around 400 pounds, which should not be an issue even if you are of average build. They are designed for riders who are not too tall to plant your feet on the ground if you are stuck in the middle of traffic. Finally, you look good doing so.

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