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How to Spark Emotion Through Social Media?

How to Spark Emotion Through Social Media?

So you must have a social media strategy in place, don’t you? Well, everyone does or that is what they say while the real truth is always unknown. Most people think they could get away with some amazing content and that it would bring in the necessary buzz that they dream of. While as a reality check, I rule that out to be very immature as this process doesn’t work that way. It is all about creating an ignition with your content and that particular fire can bring about the much-needed response when you share it on your social media platform. It is not all about just asking your followers to check out your link and then expecting magic to happen. They say that the content is fire and that your social media is gasoline. If the content does not burn up, then it means you aren’t putting your gasoline in the right direction.

Five keywords can help you with triggering an emotional response from your target readers on social media. You might have heard of these words already before or even built your content based on these words. If you wish to know what those five “W’s” are, then just let us get into that without a moment of delay.


The word Who can be an important part of your social media strategy as you go about crafting your update based on this word. The word Who doesn’t refer to any band or something else, but it just refers to your readers. The word Who can generally grab the attention of your readers due to certain psychological ramifications. Using the word who can generally make a person curious about whom you are talking to and that trigger is closely associated with the fear of missing out. No reader wants to be felt out and hence, they keep digging into the post if they wish to understand if it’s all about them. This word brings in a sense of community and people do not wish to be left out. So use this word wisely to pull people and create the desired response.

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Going by psychological terms, the word What creates a question in the left hemisphere of the brain. The left hemisphere is where the language center is present and it triggers a reaction that makes readers all the curious about the topic and they are motivated to click on it and look for it. You are not just giving them the secret away but you are prompting them to go to the landing page where the secret lies. In social media marketing, this word is considered to be the one that is most acted upon and readable. Just go through the Internet today and you will find a lot of articles with this word. Just give it a try.


Humans have always been the creatures of time and we have been obsessed with when our lives are governed by time. Hence, this word is very much powerful and popular due to the psychological ramifications that are held concerning marketing. People can’t wait and it is your trick to take advantage of it. A date or timestamp makes things fast and when the word When is not used the readers lose trust in the post and the writer for sure. This has even been proved with a recent survey.


This word is also important as it gives us much information about where the action is taking place or about to take shape. It again stirs another dimension of curiosity in the minds of the people. Using this word induces more of a personal approach to the readers. Using the word Where can put the users in that location and the knowledge about the one in conversation. Hence, they will never be able to resist that particular urge to perform an action clicking on the link.

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We belong to a race that needs to know everything. The power of these three letters can be so huge as enormous scientific breakthroughs have happened when people decided to explore the impact of this word behind all happenings in the world. The power of curiosity is what you ought to use to drive all your traffic towards your content. The word Why is, even more, a greater revelation than other words here as it explains the whole action. Smaller tweaks like these can help you a long way in receiving emotional responses for your brand or business.


Hi, I am Kay Augustine, Sole owner of the online website Kaybotanicals.com. My intention is to help entrepreneurs build business success on an emotional level that speaks to your audience.

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