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How to choose the perfect Pop Display for Grocery Products?

How-to-Choose the-perfect-Pop-Display -to-Grocery-Products

The foremost thing you need to ascertain is your intent with the Pop Display. Define your parameters carefully. If you are offering a promotion, design your display in that manner.

For instance, for a buy one get one free promotion, your display should be large enough to display both items at once. The images should correspond with the true size of the products. If the products are similar, the size of both should also appear similar on the promotional display.

Who is buying?

For making your POP promotions successful, evaluate who you are targeting. You cannot create a Custom Pop Display without thinking it through. If you do, it will lose its significance, and you will lose your resources all for nothing. There are two types of stores, but we are talking about grocery stores here.

Fortunately, the success rate of POP promotions is higher in grocery stores. People visit grocery stores to buy a bunch of products at once. If there are multiple POP materials at the display, many of the consumers are going to be impacted by them. On the other hand, in convenience stores, people buy only a small number of products, usually one or two.


Putting it in place

Location is important for cardboard pop displays. If the location of your displays is right, the customers will notice them. If not, you will not be noticed, and your products will not be sold.

In a grocery store, the best strategy is to sweep the whole floor, unlike convenience stores where customers are unlikely to roam everywhere. In grocery stores, people purchase a lot of products from every category. They visit every aisle for that. So, if your POP display is placed everywhere on the floor, the chances of interactions go up significantly.

The Magnitude

Creating an appealing printed pop display will certainly win you, consumers. But only the aesthetics are not enough. You need to create the perfect size too. It is not an easy task to accomplish. You first have to check the stores in which you are going to install your displays.

Only after conducting proper research can you be confident that your displays will be effective. If the stores are big with expansive aisles, you will have to make big displays to get noticed. On the other hand, if the aisles are small, make displays accordingly. No matter what the size of aisles is, the displays should not create a hindrance in the movement of customers.

Retailers only like to put those displays in their stores that do not create a nuisance for their visitors. If they are creating problems for buyers, the retailers would rather avoid to have them.


Retailer Relationship

While you design the display according to your own ambitions, it is wise to include the retailer in this process too. It is necessary to have good relations with all the retailers you are going to deal with.

You ought to discuss with them all the elements that will go into creating displays. Especially discuss the size and display spots so that you have a clear idea of what to expect.

Once you get your expectations sorted out, you can move on to make the display. Sometimes our expectations of retailers are misplaced, which leads to a loss in resources and credibility. The retailer, in such cases, is not willing to give what is demanded, and we end up in losses.

For example, while deciding the size, you must know what the storekeeper wants. If you do not negotiate properly and end up creating a size that he does not want, he will be unwilling to use your displays. Even if he does use it, you will not have your desired display spot.


Create Variability

Thanks to the modern printing techniques, you now have your hands on the best printing products ever available in the history. There are hundreds of designs that you can choose from. For that reason, you should bring creativity and variation in your designs.

Collaborating with a professional agency or designer can be really helpful. Professionalism matters because it ultimately shows up in your designs. You can outsource these tasks after going through all the available agencies and selecting the best one according to your budget.

After selecting the right designer, you can decide on the design you want. Gondola Designs are a popular option in markets. They consist of two sides, and both are capable of holding your products. The space left can be used for branding.


Bin design is also famous. Large bins are made and placed at strategic places. These contain the products you are offering. This is a unique and surprising design since bins are usually used for purposes other than displaying products.

A Pop Display case is a classic example of promotion. It is the traditional case with fixed glass. The transparency of glass lets customers see your products. The front side is covered with branding to attract visitors.

These are only a few designs. You can use many others too.

POP promotions are worth spending your money on. Their timing and placement can hardly go wrong. If you plan their production well enough, POP items will never disappoint you.

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