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How On-demand (eDelivery) helps logistics and courier business


Mobility boosts the on-demand economy through excellent on-demand apps. No wonder, companies have embraced the trend of on-demand apps to generate demand and improve customer services. Various industry sectors have started leveraging the benefits of on-demand delivery apps and the logistics sector is no exception.

Impact of On-demand Courier Delivery App on Logistics and Courier Industry

Courier and logistics business is thriving at a rapid pace. The advent of new players like Uber and the advancement of services for existing players have made the competition more intense. Today, as people depend more on mobile apps, convenience becomes a new norm. When it comes to the logistics and courier industry, investors and entrepreneurs count upon on-demand courier delivery app development.

As per the report, over $2 million investment is made in the on-demand logistics and courier apps. The clientele of the logistics industry comprises big business houses and large enterprises that are keen on getting on-time delivery of the consignment with a real-time tracking facility and other features. On-demand mobility solutions for courier services can fulfill this requirement efficiently.

Let’s make a list of on-demand courier delivery app features that can help logistics companies to stay ahead of the curve.

Real-time tracking

How about tracking the real-time situation and route of the cargo? The real-time tracking feature enables you to offer this facility to the customers. Customers can start tracking from the origin until the consignment reaches their doorstep. Tracking feature can engage the app users and help you build trust.

User engagement and confidence can assist you to grow your logistics and courier business. The tracking feature is, therefore, one of the most important features in the logistics app.

Improved services

The mobile app is aimed at providing improved customer services in a personalized way. Though physical interaction with your corporate clients is not possible for you,  the courier and logistics app can enable your company to provide faster services. It can help you retain your customers for a long time.

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On-demand courier app development services can integrate user-friendly features with the help of technological advancements. For example, an online chatbot can assist the app users to know all the necessary information like the status of consignment, delivery root, and the most approximate time.

Digital presence

An app can serve multiple objectives. Be it giving a digital receipt for the payment or providing multiple options for the payment- the eDelivery app can provide all these facilities to enable the users to get rid of traveling to your office or visit the third-party company to get the physical documents. What’s more, the digital presence on both web and mobile domains can strengthen your position in the market with the involvement and interest of more people.

The app provides more comfort and convenience to the users and contributes to enhancing satisfaction.

Data Security

Any B2C or B2B mobile app contains sensitive and confidential information about the users and the company. The courier delivery app development company can take enough care to secure the data by integrating security features in your courier app. It is possible to add safety features like gesture-based access to ensure that your corporate clients can share confidential information for sending or receiving parcels.

Also, your employees and stakeholders can share data regarding delivery and other financial information without risking any breach through an app. It is fair to mention that even the slightest breach in data security can lead your company to a big loss in terms of reputation and money.

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Warehouse and inventory management

This is another important feature of the logistic app. From the admin side, it makes possible to keep an eye on warehouse and inventory through an app. An on-demand logistics app has features for facilitating warehouse and inventory management. You can track the movement of consignments and parcels as well as get real-time information about pending orders or consignments. The supervisors can get immediate access to inventory-related data at any time.

In a way, stock-keeping and inventory management can be done using fingertips through a customized courier delivery app.

Route optimization

When it comes to managing the fleet, a real-time tracking app acts as a boon. You can assess fuel consumption, delivery time, and overall condition of the fleet with ease. Route optimization feature also enables drivers to find the most appropriate route to reach the destination on-time. It helps your company to meet the deadline and enables the drivers to put fewer efforts to reach the location.

This feature is integrated with Google Maps and facilitates drivers to avoid traffic jam, road closure, and diversions.

Vehicle management

This features works in two ways: One, it helps your company to manage the vehicle efficiently. And two, it can send a notification when the service or maintenance is necessary for the vehicle. You can keep the track of engine condition, battery, tyre health, and other vehicle-related information.  Simply put, you can transform the vehicle maintenance process from reactive to proactive. Advanced technologies like AI and ML can help the on-demand courier delivery app development companies to come up with advanced apps that have all these features.

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User experience

A customized and feature-rich logistics app plays a vital role in improving the user experience. Users can request for sending couriers, packages, furniture, and other products with ease through an on-demand courier delivery app. They can track the movement and get the real-time status of their orders anytime. Improved user experience can ensure the success of any app, and therefore, your logistics business needs an app.

Feedback and support

This feature is specifically important to build trust among corporate clients. A feature-rich logistics app has a robust feedback mechanism along with the review feature. The Feedback feature can give your customers a platform to lodge their complaints or queries and give their suggestions. You can get valuable advice from the customers and improve your services accordingly. It is better to remember that though you offer a good service, there is room for improvement.

Wrapping Up

Modern businesses have big expectations and massive requirements from the logistics and courier industry. The on-demand courier delivery app development can help the industry meet these requirements effectively. The integration of advanced features and excellent functionality in the on-demand app can take the logistics business to the next level. It is better to start early with a feature-rich logistics app to get a competitive edge over your peers.

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