How Has PR Agencies Played A Significant Role In Corporate Advertising

Today’s competitive world has become challenging for organizations in terms of sustaining their operations and existence successfully. Issues like innovation, changing economic conditions, increased competition and changing the socio-economic structure of countries pose a major threat to organizational health and survival.

Therefore, it has become mandatory for organizations to sustain their corporate identity. To build this corporate identity, many PR agencies in India and across the world now focus on enriching corporate advertising. Let us now understand what does corporate advertising mean for organizations.

The Role of Corporate Advertising

Various researchers have defined corporate advertising as institutionally focused advertising that solely intends to focus on the company itself, not necessarily the product or service it provides.

The purpose of this type of advertisement is to promote the name, create brand awareness, and build the reputation of the organization. This type of advertising can be used throughout the life cycle of the company or brand as a means to not only build a corporate image but also to reinforce it.

This is where Public Relations steps in, which is one such promotion tool that facilitates organizations to build their distinct corporate identity. The role of public relations specialists is to build the reputation of a company and bring it to the forefront so that audience comes to know about its good deeds, products as well as services.

Public Relations is increasingly about communicating credibly with key audiences who affect business results, such as media analysts, policymakers and policy influencers, customers and shareholders. It is an important element in supporting the power and value of an organization’s brands to all stakeholders.

All the elements of corporate brand – from tone and personality, functional and emotional benefits, core message and end goal, to its reputation if leveraged effectively with an internal and external audience – can assist in raising the performance and credibility of the organization. Enhancing awareness, understanding, and commitment to a brand through public relations is usually an essential part of any overall strategy aimed at sustaining and raising standards, and accountability of any organization.

Relationship Between Public Relations & Corporate Image

A brand’s corporate image can go through several transformations. Reputations of an organization can change depending on the circumstances – positive or negative – or even through the addition of new and innovative ideas into the culture.

Changes can result from media coverage, performance, and pronouncements. As these changes take place, advertising plays a significant role in remaining fluid and flexible toward building and reinforcing image and reputation. And this is mainly done by the PR agencies team.

For instance, the PR team of Dove and Walgreens promote their support of awareness and acceptance of all women regardless of colour, size, age, and shape. The product partnerships may change, but the message of the brands’ culture of acceptance remains the same.

When a corporate image is built and the brand is easily recognized, it is effectively used to advertise products and services. In the case of Cracker Barrel, the PR team showcases the world about the restaurant’s exceptional country theme, home-style meal, local artefacts, and astonishing décor.

The team has also switched to billboard advertisements that include menu items, language, and food images to promote a relaxed, comfortable down-home feel. Another extraordinary example of the PR team in curating corporate advertising is Apple’s use of the iconic once bitten fruit logo in every aspect of the business.

When promoting a new product or service, consumers readily relate the image to the multinational tech giant that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics and web-based services.

Consumers resonate with Apple as the organization that will introduce the next cool tech tool. In all these examples, it shows the teamwork of PR agencies expert in making the corporate image an integral part of the advertising campaign.

It is the image that causes the advertisement to be noticed and then the advertising technique takes over to promote the goods or services. The image facilitates credibility and engagement and tells the person what to expect from the company and the products.

Best PR Agency can help in building an organization’s corporate image

Through the above discussion, we can assume that building an organization’s corporate image is not an easy task. It cannot be achieved in a day; it takes time and creative skills of the public relations practitioner of an organization to make the entire process successful.

In the 21st century, professional public relations agencies have a major role in promoting a positive image for the brand. And today, various organizations have built their corporate identity successfully by involving public relations experts in the formation of policies and preparation of programs.

Various researchers have claimed that public relations must be placed high in the organization hierarchy and must be practised strategically. It has been observed that only those organizations survive in the market who care, consider and create a bundle of values and benefits for associated public groups.

Many PR agencies in India have created an excellent market image and reputation through CSR and incredible public relations practices.

Public Relations Helps Tata Industries to sell Nano

In the case of India, the story of Ratan’s Revolution in itself is one of the best examples of sustaining public relations where the Tata “Nano” was considered as one of the live examples of India’s engineering, designing and manufacturing skills.

Tata’s Nano car, priced at Rs. 1- 1.50 lakh, was the cheapest four-wheeler in the world, next to the cheapest car the Chinese QQ3, which costs approx. Rs. 2 lakh. This innovation served as a symbol of good public relations for the house of Tatas.

In this present global scenario where the whole world is a single market, organizations have learned the significance of establishing corporate image through effective and continuous public relations between their organization and various stakeholders to facilitate their business in building strong relationships and establishing a unique identity for their growth and survival.

Various organizations have been successful in expanding their network of customers through proper information dissemination and excellent corporate advertising tools to influence the people and take the lead position in the rat race.

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