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How to find the best engineering college in India

best engineering college in India

With over 4000 engineering colleges across India and with new colleges opening every year in every big and small city and town, the search for the best engineering college in India is not for the faint-hearted. Every college advertises themselves as one of the top engineering institutes in India and data available becomes harder to compare with so many options that all look similar.

You need admission only in one college and you will mostly dedicate your energy and resources into just one of these plethora of options for four years to finally land yourselves a good job. This calls for your scientific bent of mind to sift through data and make an informed decision that should focus on academic productivity, industry interface, quality of education, research output, results from last few years and a few more criteria to take the final step towards committing yourself.

Here are some major points to consider while searching for the best engineering college in India.

  1. College Affiliations: One should check if the college is approved by the AICTE and also with the UGC.
  2. Internship and Job Opportunities: The past few years placement records of the college will give you a fair idea of the quality of the college under scrutiny. Interact with the alumni and students of the college or institute and compare their viewpoint with the reports online.
  3. Student-Faculty Ratio: Any college that follows the standards set by the HRD Ministry should have a student-faculty ratio of 9:1. This is important for you to learn and understand the subject better and should feature as a very important factor in your comparisons.
  4. Labs and other Facilities: Engineering requires a lot of practical application along with theory. The top engineering institutes in India have proper labs, instruments of good quality, well-stocked library and a good infrastructure. This can easily be found on their website or by taking a short tour of the campus.
  5. Updated Curriculum: Any of the best engineering colleges in India will ensure that the curriculum they teach is not just in-line by government standards but is focused and geared towards providing you with the skills necessary as per upcoming trends and requirements of the market. This also can be checked and ticked from their respective websites.
  6. Research Initiatives: The quality of the college alumni can be assessed by checking out the number of research papers that they have published in recent years. This will also give you a fair idea about their inclination and dedication towards promoting new and novel ideas in the field of technology.
  7. Academic Support: A college or institute that invites the top companies for campus placements will also support and guide you through the selection rounds. These colleges will most likely provide you with not just subject expertise but also knowledge in functional areas like soft skills, communication skills, resume writing, etc. that will help you further your search for a better job.
  8. Exchange Programmes: Though relevant but not a deal breaker if the college of your choice runs such programs to help broaden your outlook and perspective of the world and market opportunities.


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