5 Soft Skills You Should Highlight on Your Job Resume

If you’re looking for a new job or going through interviews, read this. Let’s discuss the five most important soft skills to highlight on your job resume.

Soft skills are personal qualities that help you excel in the workplace.

Without them, it’s harder to work and communicate with people. But with them, you’ll be a valuable addition to any team.

The good news is that most soft skills come naturally. If you lack them, however, you can still learn.

For example, some people are natural leaders, but others have to develop leadership skills through practice. Both are okay!

If you’re working on your resume, you might be wondering what type of soft skills to include on it. In today’s article, we’re going to discuss some of the skills you should write down. These traits will show the person reading your resume why they should hire you.

Below are five soft skill sets to highlight on your resume that’ll wow potential employers:


Flexibility is an essential soft skill to have on your resume. Companies like having employees who can adapt to different situations.

Employers want to know that you’re open to change. In other words, if you’re a flexible person, you know that things don’t always go according to plan.

For example:

If a team meeting gets canceled, you should be willing to roll with the punches and work solo. And, if you get reassigned to a different project, you should view it as an opportunity for growth.

Flexibility in a work environment also means taking the initiative to solve problems. It’s up to you to try different methods to get the best results.

Realize that not everything will be the way you want all the time. As long as you’re willing to stick it out, you’ll see positive outcomes in the end.


If you’re good at solving problems, then you’re likely a creative person.

Creativity is often associated with designers, artists, and architects. But it doesn’t stop there. People practice creativity in almost every job and industry.

If you have a knack for coming up with creative solutions, you’ll be able to find new ways to perform tasks and improve processes. You can also develop new and exciting avenues for your company to explore.

To be successful and creative in your job, you should be willing to:

  • Stay inspired
  • Ask questions to get answers
  • Use your imagination to think outside the box
  • Reframe your thinking to find new solutions

Being a creative individual, especially in the workforce, can take you far!


Do you work well with others?

At some point in your career, you’ll work with a team. Depending on the jobs you apply for, some companies may value this soft skill more than others.

Regardless, this is still an important skill to have.

To improve your career now and in the future, focus on improving your teamwork skills. When communicating with team members, listen actively, and do what you can to motivate people.

If you’re an excellent team player, mention this on your resume. Being able to work well in a team environment is something employers need.


Great managers can guide others toward success. Even if you’re not applying for a management position, leadership skills will help you stand out from the crowd.

As a strong leader, you should offer guidance and motivation to other employees. You should also lead by example. These leadership skills are something employers look for in potential employees.

You might still be working on forming your leadership skills. That’s okay; even great leaders are always trying to improve. You should still highlight this skill on your resume.

Attention to Detail

Being detail-oriented can help you a lot throughout your career. This skillset is especially helpful when following instructions is crucial to your role.

If you’re not able to pay attention, it’s easier for you to make mistakes. Too many errors will result in subpar work.

But, you can prevent mistakes before they happen by having a detail-oriented approach to your job. That’s why, if you have strong attention to detail, you should list it as a skill on your resume. It’s sure to catch the eye of any employer.

It’s an essential soft skill that will enhance your career now and in the future!

In Conclusion

When a hiring manager looks at your CV, they should say, “Wow!” based on the soft skills that are on there. By highlighting these skills on your resume, you’ll show your future boss that you’re a total package.

Even better, use your resume to illustrate how you’ve put these skills to use. Use the work history section of your resume to discuss situations where these skills have helped you.

After reading your resume, your employer will feel confident that you’re the person for the job. Highlight these skills, and you’ll undoubtedly shine.

Author Bio:

Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager for GIO Apartments.

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