7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Do you have a talent for fashion designing and creating beautiful ensembles? Or perhaps, you wish to socialize amongst luxury designers and curate a career in retail and merchandising.

All those who dream of a career in fashion must avail courses available at the Master Institute of Creative Education to cement their expertise. However, attaining a level of mastery in creativity takes time and effort. Here we will discuss 7 best ways to boost your creativity.


The first and foremost step is to keep your mind full and stuff your brain. Start feeding your brain with stuff that has no real purpose. Fill your mind with random thoughts, stuff, and then relate it to the project at hand. You can find much stuff from books, blogs and articles.

In addition, you can watch movies, television, play games and videos to generate new ideas. An essential part of this step is to focus on what you have put in your mind. Not what you will get out of it. The result itself has a very little relation to the input given. When you have filled your mind with all the good stuff. You will have an easy time getting the good stuff out. Keep stuffing your mind to make it active and refuel your creativity.

Start Jotting Down Ideas

Start writing down all the ideas that come into your mind. Ideas come in just a click and then disappear, so the best is to note it somewhere. This does not mean you have to keep a notebook with you everywhere you go. You can note it down in your smartphone or voice recorder. Whatever you find preferred to make your move. The aim here is to make sure you do not miss any thought that randomly generates itself. You need to take 4 steps during this process:

  • Make anything you love to use as a notebook
  • Keep it with you at all times
  • Capture anything that comes into your mind
  • Review the journal regularly

A good idea here is to write down the idea or anything that triggers emotions in you. Whether you smile, frown or think by these ideas is up to you. However, the idea here is to take everything in written to take note anytime needed. Look at these ideas whenever you are low and need a spark of inspiration. You need just a tiny spark to ignite the fire of creativity in you.

Take Some Downtime for Yourself

Downtime means taking a break from regular activities and think of nothing. Zone yourself out of existence on a couch and think of nothing but space.

Take some time out from your creative work to rest your mind and body. Pushing yourself too much may lead to exhaustion, ultimately having poor health and mind. Resting and relaxing are great downtime activities. Do something you enjoy, like playing a game or solve a puzzle. Perhaps you like to spend some time out on fresh-cut grass. It all depends on what you like to do now.

Stay Still

You need to keep your mind still, not just the body. A great way to do this is to meditate, but there are also other ways to do this. The idea here is to relax your mind and do something that you find passionate, like photography or drawing. Some time spent in your passion will make you feel like you slept for hours.

Whether your idea of still means sitting on the couch, walking or anything else. You have to do something that makes your brain relax and comfortable. If your brain loves meditation, do it or if you like walking, go outside. You have to do what makes your brain relax. Your brain will work in the background and generate ideas out of nowhere.

Add Nonsense in Life

While the idea of adding nonsense in life seems amusing. Most of the creativity comes out of things we usually find silly. The idea here is to bathe your brain in humour or silliness to remove the stress and pressure. Whenever you find yourself short in any idea, take a break and indulge in something utterly nonsense.

Spend some time on social media and enjoy different jokes and memes. Watch some standup comedy or come up with a funny song that adds laughter. You can also call your friend and talk silly for some time. You will feel a wondrous change in many ways you think.


Just take your mind off everything and relax! Tension creates more holes in your creativity and produces rust in your mind. It would help if you finned ways to release that tension periodically. Whenever you grow tired of something, assess your environment and listen to your body. Roll your shoulders, release the stiffness, sit straight and put on some music.

You will feel the tension slightly washing away from your body and mind. Relaxing means simply taking some time for yourself and make adjustments to release tensions. This is not an alternative to downtime, as you need both to let the brain perform better. Just stay back, relax and let the positive energy flow throughout your body.

Be Creative Anyway

It would help if you did the thing you think you cannot do to remain creative. Confused! Let us explain this notion. When you feel that, you have no creativity and never will, you use the above methods. For the last resort, when everything else fails, you use this nuclear option. If you were working on something, read the previous part and start from there.

Whether you were writing or composing a song. Take the previous section to give you motivation and progress forward. Keep pushing until you feel you do not need any push to move forward. The point of this exercise is to keep going even if you do not feel like it.


Creativity in a person does not just happen all of a sudden. You need to identify the points that trigger your mind to consider ideas. You can train your mind and body to create ideas that you previously thought impossible. The points mentioned above will give you some exercise in terms of creative boosting.

It would help if you took inspiration and motivation from your surroundings to keep you going forward. You have a set of techniques that will boost your creativity and give you a way to work on. Try all of these techniques, whether they work or not. They are not too much trouble, so be sure to try them.


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