What is PMI in Project Management Industry?

According to the PMI Data Sheet, the number of PMP Project Management Professional credential holders worldwide as of April 2016 is 720,078. This humongous number is indicative of the significance of possessing PMP certification. The possibility of obtaining a job with lucrative remuneration increases for a candidate with PMP certification. Applicants who wish to shine in the management sector can register for the PMP Online Training.

Employers PMP certified professionals

The main reason why employers hire project managers with PMP certification is best explained due to the increased expectation of clients who prefer candidates with PMP certification to manage their projects. This is because valuable clients know the importance of the skill levels and discipline needed to manage projects. Due to this reason, many organizations employing non-certified professionals, ask them to join the PMP certification programs.

What is PMI in Project Management Industry?

PMP credentials drive project success

Many business pioneers who have delivered many projects and those in senior management believe that each PMP credential holder working on any project is more likely to achieve project achievement. These pioneers firmly believe that PMP certified professionals will be more capable to accomplish project goals, meeting the strategic objectives, delivering it on time and within the budget allocation. Employers also know that certified project managers understand project management globally by connecting them with a community of professionals.

Benefits that each Project Manager obtains on their PMP credentials

Over a period of time, many Project Managers have begun to understand that having the PMP credential will create a standard framework for project management. Adherence to a standardized framework enhances the odds of accomplishing high performance and optimize productivity.

When an organization indulges in the evaluation of the performance and qualification of the individual employees, the certified project managers will be granted a higher grade and also a considerable salary increase.

This higher rating will definitely stimulate every PMP holder to do the needful for accomplishing project goals within the stipulated timeframe and budget. Due to certification, the Project Manager gets lifetime benefits wherever he works.

Benefits obtained by employers of PMP certified project managers

Employers have the prestige of having candidates with PMP certification because PMP is a maiden certification of professional merit to obtain ISO 9001: 2000 recognition, which denotes overall quality management systems. Due to certified professionals, top management can bring lucrative projects and valuable clients to the organization with more confidence. With the arrival of these projects, the organization’s economy will gradually increase, taking the organization to a higher position.

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Therefore, to become a highly PMP professional, applicants must take the PMI certification. Applicants who want to learn in depth about the management of a project can enroll in the online PMP courses.

Earning and saving money is the main reason why many people get attached to their work. People with good grades and experience always receive better salaries compared to those with less educational qualifications. If you are looking for ways to improve your salary range, it is better to have additional certifications.

When you decide to accept Projection Management Professional Certification or if you already have this certification, then you will wonder how it could benefit you financially.

You should know that most companies only employ people with PMP certification. Few employers consider this certification a necessity when they hire new professionals. If you have a PMP, it means you can anticipate more salary than one that does not. A company that hires highly qualified professionals is very sure of its productivity and increased profits. It is always better to obtain as many certifications as possible in your particular managerial field.

Getting hold of a PMP certification is a lifetime achievement that proves your professional competency. To obtain this certification, you have to undergo many serious studies and training. Many people consider that this certificate is quite valuable since they will have a good chance of obtaining a job promotion. In most cases, obtaining this certification is followed by a training program by the employer.

Although registration and training are expensive, most people consider this as a form of investment. If you are planning to take your professional success to the next level of excellence, it is highly recommended to get hold of a PMP certification.

It is the notion of self-satisfaction when you are told that you passed the exam. The PMP certification is a testimony of, in most cases, an undeniable and proven competence. It is the commitment to the profession you have chosen to make a living. It is a feeling of integrity that you possess after facing a great challenge (all the preparation, the exam) and emerged victorious and ready for the new ones in a battlefield that you now trust.

The collateral benefits you get

  • Achieving a PMP certification improves your opportunity for professional advancement, which includes being more negotiable, salary increases, job functions, and promotions
  • PMP certifications are relevant, valid, accurate and reliable measures of the candidate’s skills and knowledge
  • The value of PMP certifications is recognized throughout the world.
  • Certified PMP professionals recognize that obtaining a professional credential also offers non-financial benefits, such as being more credible with managers and colleagues, safer, more productive with better problem-solving and more productive skills
  • And, finally, yes, it is a pride to belong to a small group of professionals in the world.

However, it is not as easy to obtain the credential as it seems to be. First, PMI has established certain prerequisites that all aspiring PMPs must meet. The detailed requirements for the credential have been reported as follows:

Applicants with a degree

  • 3 years / 36 months / 4500 hours of unique project management experience and not overlapping within the last eight year period
  • 35 Hours of Contact for Education in Project Management.
  • Applicants with a high school diploma:
  • 5 years / 60 months / 7500 hours of project management experience unique and not overlapping within the last eight year period
  • 35 Hours of Contact for Education in Project Management.

The PMP exam is difficult to break and requires a full phase of intense preparation. The good thing here is that there is no negative score on the test that allows candidates to answer the maximum number of questions without fear of losing points for negative answers.

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