How to Choose Best Study Abroad Destination

Thinking of going abroad to study… But confused how to choose the study abroad destination! Don’t worry here’s what you should read to get some help.

First thing to take care of is the time! Take enough time for the process. Start the whole process at least a year before so that you don’t have to rush for anything.  Choosing where to study might be confusing as there are so many countries which seems alluring but be careful while shortlisting any.


The total expense is a merge of tuition fee and the living cost. Living cost includes all your food, accommodation, travel and other costs etc. First of all, decide on the total budget for you so that you can then look for the study options around it. You might be happy to know that there are some study abroad destinations which offers free education where you don’t have to worry about the tuition fee just take care of the living expenses and you are good to go. Countries like Germany, France Denmark, Sweden have a lot of options for free education. You can also think of opting for Education loan to get some financial help.

Does Rank Matters?

How would you decide that the universities you have chosen are the best ones! Well Rankings can be helpful in this matter. There are some websites like The QS World University Rankings where you can compare the different universities by their overall and department wise rankings and decide upon.

I would say don’t just bank upon rankings for example, your favourite university might hold a good overall rank but the department ranking you are going to study in might not be as good as the overall ranking but at the end of the day you are not going to get in to a job based on the ranking of the university you have graduated from. What knowledge you have achieved by studying in that department will also matter.

Your Academics

Let’s be realistic with 50-55% in your high school you cannot get into even a top 100th university! So be real in choosing the universities and shortlist them according to all these filters. Your IELTS/TOEFL/GRE scores are also very important. Try and work hard on these exams as they are equally important as your grades. You can also think about taking coaching for the preparation from some IELTS coaching centres in Delhi as its better to have a mentor in order to not wasting time.  

Study abroad destination

Language Issues

While choosing the study destination you need to consider this as well. Not everyone would be comfortable in a non-English speaking country. There are some countries where the native language is spoken more commonly. You can either not opt for such country or learn their language to survive.

If you are comfortable learning a new language you can broaden the chances of getting into a good university. Study Destinations like UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia are the top choices to study since a long time and this has increased the level of competency in these countries. So, if you are destination person and are open to new things you might consider some less popular European countries.

This can affect your study abroad process financially in many ways. Less popular countries will be easy on your pocket as living there would be economical comparatively.  


Study abroad journey is one of its kind and you should leave no stone unturned to make it the best experience of your lifetime, you may also consider referring to the Study Abroad Consultants in India as they might give you the expert advice.  

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