5 Expert Tips to Choosing Best Essay Help

It’s a common concern among students looking to get professional essay help: Which writing service should I trust? For students strapped for both time and cash, and those who failed their last semester, choosing a decent assignment writing service seems like an uphill task.

Admit it not, there is plethora of assignment services across the Internet that promises exceptionally-good writing experience and some of them do satisfy customers, but the the reality is, an ever-increasing number of sites cropping up on the market leave students scratching their head over the question which company to choose and which to ignore.

If you manage to choose the right service, you can spend your entire semester with a reliable and eligible writer who can prepare your assignments according to the instructions and give you the best deal for your money and time.

Here are five tips that are crucial to spotting a reliable essay service, no matter how unpromising the site may look at first glance. Be mindful that these tips are the result of my own experience, as I have been taken advantage of being an unsuspecting customer. So, you have to be careful before taking out your wallet.

Gather your topic requirement beforehand

The worst mistake you can possibly make is to decide to buy from an essay service without knowing your subject’s instructions and guidelines beforehand. Many students who end up at worse-than-average writing services are usually those who don’t even know what their subject and topic requirement is. Making up your mind about assigning a writer your project which you have no knowledge is nothing but wasting more and more of your precious time, because the end result of the service will be something you don’t even need. As a result, you will blame the writer and their company for messing up your assignment.

My advice is that you spend a day or two putting together all the requirements and instructions on an MS Word document. Some of the key instructions that you must be aware of include: The name of the topic, subject, the number of words you require, the deadline or the date by which you want your essay written, referencing style and the number of references needed.

Avoid buying a pre-written essay

Pre-written essays are nothing but a desperate attempt some students use to play for time. When students fail to prepare their assignment on time and there is no time left for them to submit the project at college, they hurriedly go to an essay mill and end up buying a ready-made essay paper only to be penalized by their professors because pre-written essays are essays that are not researched well and are typically copied from an already existing essay.  This is a huge mistake, which can cost you your entire semester. The possible risks of submitting a pre-written essay include:  plagiarism and even expulsion from college. So be extra careful and only choose to get an originally written essay, which is fresh and unique.

Ask for a plagiarism report

Plagiarism report is something that can put you in a good position when it comes to preparing a winning essay. Believe it or not, many writers don’t worry much about avoiding plagiarism when writing assignments and this puts the customers/students in trouble.

Some services offer plagiarism reports along with originally written essays and if you can get your hands on a report, this can give you a big plus as you will be keeping on the safe side and saving a lot of money in case your work is declared plagiarized after submission.  Plagiarism reports don’t cost much, but it is worth the money and effort.

Be sure to check refund policy

This one is important. Refund policy is the key to trust-building between you and your essay writing company. When you talk to your potential writer, ask about the conditions on which you will be entitled to a refund. Issues like plagiarism found in work, late delivery are some of the common points that you need ask as many companies offer a refund due to these reasons. Your best bet is to check out their refund policy and make up your mind before proceeding to the purchase process.

 Inquire about revisions

Revisions are part and parcel of most of the essays submitted at college and you probably will need to get your originally written assignment amended after your purchase. So talk to your writer whether they allow revisions for a fee or for free. Typically, most services offer unlimited revisions and amendments when you talk to them before buying your work, but once your receive your first draft and get a feedback from your college, writers refuse to fix your work after a revision or two. So, ask your writer beforehand about the number of revisions you are entitled to.

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