Is It Worth Using An Essay Writing Service?

A lot of students are getting low grades due to their bad or inadequate essay writing skills and consequently, they resort to seeking professional help online in a bid to end their worries. With assignments deadline looming, they often find it hard to resist the temptation of outsourcing their essay writing tasks to professional or paid-for writing companies or individual freelance writers.

As a result, the business model of essay mill is booming with each passing year. The colleges and universities have not changed their system of assigning essay writing tasks to the students to check their writing abilities. Imagine obtaining a degree without submitting your written research paper.  You simply can’t.

Is it Legal To Use Essay Writing Services?

There are no legal constraints regarding the use of an essay writing service as they operate on the principle of simply producing a sample written essay/research paper on the requested topic.  The companies offering essay writing services, most of them, are legal entities residing in different countries and no regulations exist to curb this business model.

The reason why these essay writing services are not illegal is that they do not violate copyright law and do not explicitly encourage the buyers to submit the written material as is. In short, it is legal to use essay writing service but it may have ethical implications if you use such services without giving them a reference or credit.

Should You Be Buying Essays Online?

This is a tricky question and may have both answers. If you are already struggling with your weak writing skills but somehow want to pass the course modules, you cannot escape it. You will end up buying essays online.  Some students are well-versed when it comes to writing their essays but they are short of time and do not want to consume a lot of time by writing essays. In both ways, you must proceed to buy essay online.

How Much It Would Cost You To Use An Essay Writing Service?

Just as any other business model, different essay writing services have their own pricing structures. Generally, these services charge by a number of words/pages basis and the second important factor is the deadline. The sooner the deadline, the more it would cost you. Urgent orders cost more than regular orders. So in a nutshell, it would cost you around $100 to get a 5 pages essay done within a 24 hours deadline and lesser if you extend the deadline to 7-day or 10-day deadline.

Incorporated companies charge more for rending their writing services while freelancers or individuals will cost comparatively less. It depends on your pocket and the quality of the service you are aiming. Companies have different costs to run their business so their prices are higher while individuals do not have overheads other than their own writing skills which makes them a cheaper option.

It is best to start with sample work. You should ask the companies/individuals to provide their sample or previously done work as this would give you a rough idea of the level of quality they are offering.

Is It Safe to Use These Services?

Just as any other product/serivce, the answer depends on the service you are using. As long as the company/individual is offering plagiarism-free and offered-as-advertised service, you are in the safe hands. If they mess up your work, you should not be using their service again. Some companies have really competent writers to work for you while others employ no so good writers.

In case you find a great writer to assist you in writing your essays, you should stick to them and do not use any other services. If you find a bad one unlikely, don’t jump to the conclusion that all these services are bad or below par. There can be mixed reviews on any service and this is no exception. Make sure that their service is plagiarism free, original and written to the requirements you have requested.

How To Use These Services To Improve Your Writing Skills?

Once you have found a great writer to work with, they can really help you improve your own writing skills so that you become a better write yourself in the next semester.  Do not use their written essays to submit as is or it would be a case of plagiarism. Start using these services as a sample/model paper to replicate and improve your own writing.

Look for the grammar and research they have done into writing your essay. The tone and writing style matters a lot and you should pay extra attention to that. Start writing a similar essay yourself and ask for their revision/review on that. Many writing services also offer a tutoring service and you should hire a professional writing tutor in the process. This will help your cause in the long

Final Advice

Is it worth paying for a writing task? Yes, it is if you really care about improving your own writing skills and grades. No, if you are a lazy-ass and not willing to properly use these services. I have seen lots of students improve their writing skills dramatically after using professional help. They got better themselves and in the next 2-3 years, they won’t even need professional external help to write their essays. This is how essay writing websites should be used.

If you a find a reliable and credible essay service, it is worth every dollar you are paying for the service. It is not worth it at all if you are still struggling to find a good solution to your writing problems.  To reiterate it, good writers produce original, plagiarism free and helpful essays while the bad ones miss out on everything they are supposed to be doing.

Take your decision of using an essay service with a word of caution. Vet their services offered and processes and do not forget to ask for samples before starting out. My experience of using these services has been a mixed one. I have seen better writers assist me in writing and bad ones too. If you have paid for bad service, ask for a refund. If you find a good one, stick to them until you become a better writer yourself.

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