Why Those Who Read Essay Samples Are More Successful in College

First of all, the reading process is crucial for every student to succeed. When you read, you expand your consciousness, improve your knowledge, and get essential information for your future professional skills. On the other hand, students who don’t choose only books for self-development have more chances to finish their writing faster. Why is it so?

The answer is simple! When a person gets acquainted with different points of view, they expand their ability to write a thoughtful essay filled with important facts. The more sources students use in their works, the more chances readers will believe the included facts. Just start reading essay samples to improve your writing skills, and you will not waste a moment needed for your studies!

Sometimes, students think when they read fiction, documentaries, or historical archives that they are spending time wisely, but they think there is nothing beneficial in essay samples. We recommend you to not hesitate to try reading samples today. If you want to get results quickly, you are welcome to buy essays online and get one step closer to improving your skills in your discipline.

Why Reading Is So Powerful That It Can Open New Worlds

Reading has always been referred to as a source of knowledge. Nowadays, it is pretty much encouraged as a subject of scientific, philosophical, and historical importance. Through reading, our minds are trained for critical thinking, even when we are reading for pleasure.

According to scholars in the field, when we read, the brain creates its own images, and those images are generated in specific areas through what is being read in the novel, for instance. There are even some studies that suggest that it is possible to change the structure of the human brain through the process of reading.

The writer Roald Dahl, in the book Matilda (1988), once compared books to ships. According to him, through books, authors’ voices are sent out into the world like ships on the sea. The comparison proposed by the author may be related to the fact that books, as well as ships, can “reach” places.

According to Plato, humans have a deep desire to reach a more spiritual truth to illuminate and transform their worlds. This means it is necessary to achieve a brighter and higher state of the soul. Reading is a useful tool, as it may give us access to “unaltered knowledge sources,” considering that all the processing and analyzing happens according to our background, beliefs, and experiences. It is up to someone’s capacity to confirm, strengthen, deny, or exclude an existing assumption, producing a new conclusion, which makes a difference to a person’s representation of the world.

With these reasons to support why reading is crucial, it is possible to conclude that a reader tends to be able to evaluate a given situation with more clarity, considering the diversified perspective. In this regard, a reader may develop a sense of empathy easier than a non-reader, just because he or she may have reflected on a specific subject beforehand. A person who reads can broaden their vision and “reach” new places.

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