How to Prepare for MCAT Exam

Preparations for MCAT exams are not easy. Thinking about it alone makes students dreadful and anxious. For those who have already taken the exam, surely, they would say that it is an extremely challenging one. However, the preparation does not have to be that hard. With the right strategy, you can surely ace the test.

Do not worry because we are here to help. We have gathered several ways to prepare for the MCAT exam. Read on.

Be Familiar with the MCAT Exam Outline

The scope of the MCAT exam is found in the outline, but what is included in the MCAT exam?

Commonly, the topics covering the exam are physics, sociology, biology, psychology, organic chemistry, general chemistry, and biochemistry. However, since not all educational institutions teach the same content, it would be a great help to be familiar with the MCAT outline which is provided online.

Review the Old MCAT Exam Outline or Even Any Old Exam

Reviewing the old MCAT exams will help you determine the type of test you will be expecting. Although this might not be effective to some, reviewing old exams makes you get used to the type and structure of exam questions. The same way with MCAT. Once you become familiar with the type of exam you will be taking, you will have an idea of how you can improve your study strategy.

Seek Help From Your Professors or Pre-Health Instructors and Advisors

If you are not that confident to take the exam, it is better to take it from your professors and pre-health advisors. Let them help you. Ask them about the best sources you can use when studying. Seek advice on what courses to take to help you prepare for the MCAT exam.

Make a Study Plan

To best prepare for the MCAT, make a study plan. Ask yourself about the ways you are comfortable with. Think of the strategies that worked and did not work in the past. Organize a list of everything you have to prioritize when studying. Create a study plan that fits you. Do not make a study plan or select a strategy that makes you feel uneasy.

Never Procrastinate

Commitment and dedication are highly needed when preparing for the MCAT exam. If you aspire to pass or ace the test, you should be willing to commit and dedicate your time. It will not be easy, but as long as you want something, you should be willing to give your hundred percent effort.

Besides, study materials should not be taken lightly. It needs time to be read, understood and absorbed. Therefore, procrastination during an MCAT exam preparation would not be a good idea unless you don’t want to pass or ace the test.

Set Goals and Find Motivation

Taking an exam without goals and motivation is not possible. Everyone has their reasons why they take an exam – either wanting to get their dream professions or make the people around them happy and proud. Fortunately, you can do both. Goals and motivations are the main drivers of why people act, dream and aspire.  You must set your goals. Think of the things that you want to achieve.

Practice the Art of Finding Timing

Remember that during preparation, the right timing is always important. Right timing is everything. You have to allow yourself to take the time to learn the things you need to learn. Practice reading it every day until it becomes a habit and until the preparation becomes an easy task.

Keep a Tab on Your Health

Of course, preparing for an MCAT exam will be hard at first, but it does not mean that you have to be hard on yourself, especially on your health. Oftentimes, students tend to overdo everything that they cannot anymore think about their health: lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition and lack of fluid.

Remember, passing or acing an MCAT exam is much better with a healthy mind and body. Always keep a tab on your health every day. Get enough sleep, food and water, and do not forget to take mandatory rests.

Explain Loudly

If you want to retain the concepts in your brain after studying them, explaining it loudly in front of others might be one of the most excellent choices. Explaining ideas and concepts you’d learn throughout a course loudly would make you recall it more.

Find a buddy and make use of them. Tell them about the ideas you have understood and explain it to them. In that way, you can recall things better and highlight the areas that you still have to improve.

Plan Your Exam Schedule

Before taking the exams, make sure that you are already set.. List all the things you have to bring. Recall the rules and regulations before, during and even after the exam so that you would not worry because you forgot something or you did not follow protocols.  Have enough rest and sleep, and do not be late.

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