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Be On Top With Video Advertising On Instagram

With over one billion people using Instagram on our planet, the platform has undeniably become an attractive avenue for businesses to advertise and promote their services . Almost every major brand is using this application to create awareness and engagement among the audience. And when it comes to social media advertising, videos tend to drive more engagement as reported by 60% of the marketers in a survey.

When it comes to law firms, three vital purposes can be fulfilled through video advertising on Instagram: firstly, getting more clients on board; secondly, reiterating your communication to the existing client base and thirdly, creating awareness amongst other users for catering them in the future or for their referrals.

A great incentive why Instagram is much more suited for any business is advertising on Instagram price, which is considerably lesser in comparison to other social media platforms, especially given the ROI that it is known to provide.

To begin with, the purpose and the idea behind the video must be clear, and it must be kept in mind during the production and posting phase. For a legal firm, there can be a number of aspects that can be advertised. It can be a basic video that entails the name and contact details of the firm.

On a deeper level, the various services like marriage/divorce litigation, personal accident litigation, corporate partnerships can be highlighted after taking into account the interests and inclination of the users.

After creating an initial connection with the audience, now comes the stage of cultivating customer relationships and retention through your advertising. It can be achieved through varied approaches and formats such as sharing testimonials of your existing customers or creating short videos of topical and trending events (to make your brand more user-relevant).

Having said that, let us have a look at some of the practical aspects to achieve a seamless law firm marketing plan on Instagram:

Video Post Copy

The description of the video (called post copy in technical terms) is an important facet that will help you to increase your reach and impressions if done right. Since it’s one of the first things that catch the eyes of the user, the description must be appealing enough for one to view the video, meanwhile being an extension of the communication in the video.


Hashtags are one of the reasons for the popularity of Instagram. For the user, they make it easier to find all related posts under the same sun, while for the brand, they improve the reach without any extra cost. While customizing your post, choose the hashtag most relevant to your advertisement and most popular in that category on Instagram.

For an in-depth analysis and selection of hashtags, you can visit specialized websites through a Google search.

Video Ad Formats

Video Advertising comes in various placements and sizes. All the widely used ad formats have been collated below.

Feed Video Ads

These are the ads that appear in the feed with ‘Sponsored’ in small font labeled on them. Every user who is even slightly active on Instagram goes through their feed, and hence the chances of your brand missing their eyes are next to negligible through this format. The three sizes that are offered in these kinds of ads are Vertical (4:5), Landscape (1.91:1), and Square(1:1).

Carousel Video Ads

Though these types of ads are an addendum to the previously mentioned Feed ads, they serve another unique advantage. Carousel ads come in a series amalgamated in a single post and can entail both video and static ads.

Story Ads

Stories are the recently added feature on Instagram that has seen a sharp increase in its user base since its arrival. Now over 400 million people use this attribute. Story ads are usually vertical in orientation. They are a subtle way of plugging in your brand while the user is swiping through his story feed.

Since stories are viewed promptly, there is a higher chance that the audience will skip your ad if it is not relevant to their demands and desires. Nonetheless, with videos performing better than static creative in this segment, there have been many a time that a good piece of communication has made the thumb stop. The call-to-action (CTA) in these types of advertisements is the ‘Swipe Up’ option through which you can redirect the user to the subsequent web-page.

Using IGTV

Though not exactly an advertising medium, IGTV yet offers plenty of benefits for businesses on Instagram. The maximum length for Stories is 15 seconds, for feed ads are one minute, but for IGTV videos, it is 60 minutes. With this newly-included feature, Instagram now has a specialized avenue for long-form content.

Law firms can make use of this feature, for example, by posting the video of a recently-celebrated office event for your followers or some legal tips for businesses to stay in the clear or any other infotainment-related stuff.

Video Production

When making a professional video, there are two routes that you can take. You can either use the proper equipment like an SLR/DSLR camera with external lenses and recording mics, or you can use template videos from a video making platform such as InVideo that have been already shot by a professional. The latter would be more cost-effective and easier to execute.

Ad Customization

To begin advertising on your Instagram page, you’ll need to use the Facebook Ads Manager. It is an extensive and comprehensive tool to customize your ad in line with your business. First, you’ll need to create an audience to whom your ad would be shown. Always remember to choose a narrow group and demography of the audience for better chances of conversion.

You can also filter your audience through their interests. For a litigation business, the audience interests can be ‘law firms,’ ‘divorce lawyer,’ ‘civil case,’ and so on. The interests should be according to your company’s services.

Choosing the ad budget and the schedule are the final steps. Keep in mind your audience while choosing both these aspects. People are more inclined to view a video in the late-office or after-office hours than in the morning. Such insights will hugely help to achieve your marketing objective.

On a final note, advertising a legal business is more about striking the emotional connection with your audience. Remember the fact that people looking for a legal expert are usually not in high spirits. Therefore, if your advertising has a happy and motivating tonality, then the customers would feel more invested in and comfortable with your brand.

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