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Top 11 Best Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram

Organic reach on Instagram is the real test of your performance on this graphic-only social media platform. For the past few years, organic reach on Instagram has been on a sharp decline. The primary reason behind this is the changes in the feed algorithm and the addition of many new features on Instagram.

Here are a few sure-shot ways which are sure to boost your organic reach on Instagram:

Set a goal

Your goal must be to post content that aligns with your business. You must also study the market and develop strategies to grow your reach. For instance, if you own a travel agency, you must post photos of beautiful destinations that will attract followers. A goal relevant to your business will help potential followers to connect with your profile.

Post regularly

Never compromise on the quality of your content. Post pictures that are capable of initiating discussions followed by a healthy engagement. Having an idea about the best time to post is quite helpful. If you are using a business account on Instagram, then the Insights feature can help you learn more about your followers and reckon their most-active timelines. You must find out the most suitable time to post and set a schedule accordingly.

Use hashtags

Relevant and popular hashtags in your content will automatically draw unprecedented traffic to your account. You must keep a list of hashtags that go with your business. Ofcourse, don’t forget to use trending hashtags to climb up the charts

Experiment with videos

At first glance, it might seem that photos tend to get more overall engagement on Instagram than videos. However, studies reveal something entirely contrary to the popular belief – Instagram videos receive more than twice the amount of comments than photos. A good mix of photos and videos can keep users engaged on your page for longer periods.

Promote User-generated content

User-generated content is any kind of content created by unpaid promotors or users of the products, to promote a brand. For example, when Coca Cola launched its personalized bottles with nicknames for people, social media went gaga over it. They started a campaign named “Share a Coke” and encouraged customers to post photos and videos with it on social media. The success of the campaign was myriad and was clearly visible when customers transformed into advertisers.

Use Instagram Stories

The introduction of the ‘stories’ feature completely transformed the world of Instagram. They are an excellent way to expand your reach by tagging other accounts in your stories. The use of suitable hashtags helps people find and connect with your account thereby increasing your reach.

Acknowledge engagement

You must respond to the engagement on your posts immediately to make your audience feel that their comments are appreciated and are really important for you. Instead of just liking a comment, you must reply back and try to converse with your social media family to keep them connected. For example, if you are opting for an option to buy Instagram followers for you, you must interact with them just to make them feel known and appreciated. Run some giveaway contests for them and award them time to time for the love they are showing for you.

Collaborate with others and appreciate them

You can collaborate with accounts that align with your own and create innovative content for both accounts. For instance, if you are in a jewellery business, you can form an alliance with a fashion influencer that can prove to be beneficial to both. Another tried-and-tested strategy is to appreciate the posts of fellow competitors and make their followers aware of your existence.

Analyze your performance

Try to keep a track of all your strategies and its response from the audience. The content that gets the best attention, gives the best reach as well. If you are a fitness trainer, you can post gym videos, motivational quotes or aesthetic yoga poses. You can study what your followers appreciate the most and post more of that.

Tag your friends

You must create content in which you ask people to tag their friends. This will help in bringing the audience to your account thereby giving your reach a boost.

Go Live on Instagram

While going on live video, you will appear right at the front of the stories feed. It has been studied that by seeing your icon at the top of their feed people are fascinated to go to your page and view your content.

Keep in mind that people visit your page on Instagram in the hunt for some fun content, not for the slimy, in-face advertisements. So try to keep your content cool and inviting alongside leveraging from the different formats available.

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