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Using hashtag on Instagram can assure greater engagement

The hashtag plays an important role in gaining more followers on Instagram and increasing the level of engagement among users. However, most users don’t really know how they can use the hashtag on Instagram. Well, for them, and if you are one of them, then this article will prove to be extremely helpful.

Since the beginning, the hashtag has really captured the Internet and social media landscape, although it was originally popularized by Twitter.

The word ‘hashtag’ refers to keywords or keyword phrases.

It is denoted by the # symbol and the words are then spelled without spaces.

The primary use of a hashtag is to use it as a reference for various things:

  • an incident
  • a conference
  • pop culture
  • A social or another movement
  • Entertainment or
  • Any reoccurring topics.

Ideally, using hashtags is a great way to make your content more visible on the platform and far more accessible to your users. In fact, the hashtag is a component on this platform that buy Instagram followers Greece that prefixes with the catchy and catchy # sign.

Hashtag utility

When you consider the Instagram platform, around 80 million photos are shared on this platform every day! This is an exceptionally large figure that makes sense given that the Instagram feed is always changing.

However, the gist of the matter is that with such a large amount of content, it can be difficult for your account to focus on this platform. This is where these hashtags come in handy.

The primary purpose of using the hashtag on Instagram is that it posts a large number of users in a single feed.

However, when searching for accounts using hashtags, it is only public accounts that are shown.

The good thing about Instagram is that it makes it simple and easy for users to find tagged content. On this platform when a user searches for a word or phrase, the search results page will usually show them four parts. Here are:

Top: This section displays the top Instagram accounts, locations, and hashtags that contain keywords. These are the accounts that users are currently following or are the most popular.

Accounts: This is the section that shows the user all the top Instagram accounts that contain keywords.

Tags: This is the part that suggests popular hashtags that include specific keywords and the number of other Instagram posts shared with that Instagram hashtag.

Locations: It displays nearby locations that contain the given keywords.

This means that when you want to find an account with a hashtag containing a particular keyword, you can broaden your search by using other related keywords with the hashtag.

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Hashtags are really easy to use. All you have to do is create a hashtag using numbers, characters, or emojis. You can add thirty hashtags to the caption on Instagram but remember that your account must be public so that your posts appear on the hashtag feed.

Choosing Hashtags

When you want to use hashtags for your posts then you must first select the possible hashtags that are related to your post. But how do you choose which are the best hashtags for your personal posts? Well, the best answer can be by brainstorming all related keywords and then researching related trends. This is actually very easy within Instagram itself.

To start your search for the best hashtags first check out the Explore tab. This is actually the magnifying glass icon on the lower menu. You will get to see all the popular posts here about what kind of hashtag is used.

If you already have a special hashtag, you can also use this page to find more popular and related hashtags. This will give you a chance to make your post even more popular. The process to follow for your hashtag search includes the following:

  • Typing hashtag in the search bar
  • Filter your results by tag
  • See how many posts have used that particular hashtag and
  • See also for other related hashtags.

Remember, at all times you should focus on blending normal and trending hashtags. However, if you use a specific hashtag, it will definitely increase the reach and relevance of your post.

Create a Branded Hashtag

You can also consider creating your own branded hashtag. In fact, many businesses today use their own hashtags for several reasons:

  • To launch a new product
  • Manage their Instagram campaign
  • Promote any specific event
  • Collect user-generated content.

If you want to do the same for your business, then you should make sure that the hashtag you want to include is not being used for any other purpose. Then encourage the audience to use it.

Hashtag formatting

To include a hashtag in your content, there are some things you should inevitably do and keep in mind.

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