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Pinterest Vs Instagram: Catalyst for Business

Visual centric social media platforms are the most effective catalyst for business and to get the best out of it one must know details of Pinterest vs Instagram scenarios.

Well, the right way to start pondering on the effective platforms on Social Media that carry the potential for better sales for businesses and e-commerce is to define what social media is exactly.

Social media is the most commonly known leisure stuff carrier of the modern world. People from different backgrounds, groups, ethnicities, languages, and cultures come closer and interact with each other by sharing photos, videos, and other types of content.

Pinterest and Instagram both are the most loved visual-centric social media platforms. Both the platforms are all about high-quality visual stuff. Anyone looking to achieve any distinction – for example, followers – he must develop unique and catchy content.

Pinterest Vs Instagram: The Difference

With 60 million photos in discussion every month, Instagram holds a world record having millions of regular users. While on the other side, Pinterest is a type of social media where people create unique content that may get the attention of millions.

Both these platforms deal with visual content but with a different purpose. Instagram is a popular site where people use to share their own photos. On the other hand, Pinterest is used to curate and save content often uploaded by other users.

Perfectly captured gorgeous photos can work better on both but Pinterest demands more some of value.

Another fact to be known is the type of audience one finds on these platforms. If this question is answered on the basis on the number, Instagram stands second to none. Not only a large number of users do Instagram have, but it also carries a diverse range of users as well.

Pinterest is said – according to various survey reports – to be predominantly female audience platform. As the survey of March 2017 says, Pinterest has 200 million users (17% of online users are Men and 45% are women).

 Pinterest Vs Instagram: Operating

To most of the entrepreneurs and businesses, utilizing fully functional options is highly important. Pinterest can be operated on both, mobile and desktop. Though most people prefer using it on the desktop, the mobile version has a wide range of tools. This makes Pinterest the right choice because Instagram is a fully mobile app.

Pinterest Vs Instagram: Link Sharing

Pinterest not only allows but prioritizes link sharing and saving. But Instagram does not have this feature for its users. Right now, Instagram is the only social media that does not allow link sharing in posts. But you can post it on your bio.

Pinterest Vs Instagram: Hashtags

Instagram has hashtags as an essential part. Instagram is all about having a large number of followers, likes, and comments. It is important to build a community where one can promote products, create brand awareness, and generate revenue. People adopt various tricks to achieve the goal of creating hashtags linked with the target audience to buy Instagram followers UK. With Pinterest, every pin is accurately labeled in order to improve searches. So, you don’t need to utilize hashtags.

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