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How A Healthy And Safe Culture Boost Your Business Credibility?


As a manager how your employees see you? Are you a leader in the eyes of your employees?

A trust builds between your employee and you can be very beneficial and can create a great environment in your company.

As you know that the employees have to listen to you and have to all your commands but a trust build between you and your employee can make the commanding more effective and can deliver you great results than having an employee boss relationship.

If an employee considers you as their manager and considers your commands as a pledge then it can affect the performance in a good way and can raise your company higher.

As a business person, you will undoubtedly want to grow your businesses profit margins, to do better against KPIs and to increase consumer confidence. For David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Engage EHS, there is one effective way to do this: though more effective health and safety policies.

As that being said, high-level management credibility can be downstream in performance.

Hence strong credibility shown to your employee can be a successful initiative in safety.

As many organizations rethink their approaches to safety, they’re increasingly counting on the power of their managers to steer change at every level. Credibility especially is important to success during this new environment.

Without credibility, the task can be more problematic.  More broadly, not being credible silently erodes confidence in management in general and the willingness of employees to live up to the spirit of organizational objectives.

6 Basic Rules Of How A Healthy And Safe Culture Boost Your Business Credibility

Know Yourself

Most managers with credibility problems are unaware of them because they have been blinded by their own good intentions. An honest self-assessment of your actions (and how well they reflect your intentions) can assist you to establish consistency between what you say and what you are doing.

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For extra insight, ask others to offer you input on your performance as a manager. This kind of feedback is often a strong initiative in building credibility and in overcoming fears about handling certain issues head-on.

Be Bold

Credible managers practice observable behaviours that demonstrate their commitment to safety. This often means making decisions that go against the status quo. It also means learning behaviours which will be uncomfortable initially.

To be credible, you would like to point out a willingness to admit your mistakes to others, give honest information about safety performance albeit it’s not well received, ask for ideas to improve your performance rate and act in a concise way to reduce your mistakes.

Set Your Employees Up For Success.

Even the simplest managers struggle with setting performance expectations in today’s “more with less” environment. To make safety expectations (and you) credible, you would like to line targets with a sufficient understanding of all the stress placed on your employees. Without it, people that have already got full workloads may perceive safety objectives as unrealistic or, worse, hypocrisy.

Be Curious.

When it comes to fostering credibility, there’s no substitute for knowing what you’re talking about. However, knowledge comes through experience. Many otherwise credible managers get into trouble with safety by thinking they need to be experts.

Because they’re afraid to reveal how little they really realize particulars, they avoid posing for what’s often critical information. The reality is that you simply don’t get to have all the answers; as a manager, your job is to determine optimal conditions for meeting your company and department targets, including safety.

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Become An Advocate.

Once you recognize what must happen to support safety objectives, you would like to “go to bat” for your employees. The obvious example is that the supervisor who speaks to upper management on behalf of an operator who pack up production equipment he deemed unsafe. By advocating the supervisor will demonstrate the safety of its employee.

Don’t Lose It.

Finally, it is important to be vigilant about maintaining the credibility you do earn. Many business environments are unforgiving, and credibility that was difficult to foster are often lost very quickly.

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