Everything You Need to Know About Swimming Pools

In this article, you will know about the swimming pools, various types of swimming pools such as kiddie pools, lap pools, infinity pools, and many more. You will also know about the types of equipment and accessories such as pool covers, pool filters, chemicals that make your pool clean and tidy, leaf collector, and many more which are necessary for your swimming pool.  

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What are the swimming pools? 

Swimming pools are the structures that can hold water and are made for swimming or leisure activities. Basically, people who are very fond of swimming builds swimming pools at their homes. Swimming pools can be built on the ground or above the ground (mostly in large buildings). There are several types of swimming pools such as 

  • Above-Ground Pool: 

These pools are affordable at cost-effective prices, commonly it’s for middle-class families. Above-Ground pools are portable which means you can take them where you move. 

  • Architectural Pool: 

As the name suggests it is mostly designed by the architect. To make the look more cohesive these pools are made from the same materials that are been used in building houses. These pools have a definite structure and made at the same time when the house is built. 

  • Indoor Pool:

These pools are made inside the house or a building. Commonly the swimming clubs and hotels have indoor swimming pools. these pools have a simple and common geometric structure. The cost of heating in indoor pools is low as compared to outside pools.

  • Infinity Pool:

These pools have a new concept. Infinite edge, zero-edge, vanishing edge, negative edge, or disappearing edge are various names for infinity pools. These pools are custom-designed and give a look of a waterfall to highlight the view.

  • Kiddie Pool: 

As the name suggests these pools are made for kids. They are portable and commonly made up of plastic materials. Once the air is pumped and the water is filled, then it is ready to use. These pools are available in the market at a very low price.

  • Natural Pool:

These pools are also called as swimming ponds in Europe. These self-cleaning pools can be built naturally or in an architectural way. 

There are many add-ons and customizable items that can make your swimming pool look more attractive, enjoyable, safe, and clean. Equipment such as:

  • Pool Filters:

Pool filters clean your swimming pool by capturing all the bacterias and debris.

  • Pool Covers: 

They protect your pool from water evaporation and reduce leaf load. Pool covers are available in different types such as safety covers, hardcovers, transparent, and opaque covers.


  • Pump: 


The pump helps water to filter. The water goes in from one side and the clean water comes out from the other end. The pump can be installed at the time of pool construction.


  • Swimming Pool Lights:


Lights not only makes your swimming pool attractive but also it helps for a clear view when swimming is done at night. 


  • Leaf Collector:


As the name suggests, it collects the dust and leaves from the surface of the pool. 


  • Chemicals:


The chemical such as chlorine makes the water clean. Chlorine acts as a sanitizer, which kills all the germs and cleans the water.


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