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Eight Lead Generation Strategies To Boost Your Reach

Billions of people are using the internet. Your business expects to reach thousands of them at least. There are several ways to reach your potential clients online. For various businesses, it is important to reach several internet users without spending too much time.

In this article, we are providing you with eight best-proven strategies to generate leads to your potential client and a great digital marketing approach. There are a few companies that offer the implementation of all these strategies together on your business, such as The Guerrilla.

PPC – Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords)

Google Ads is the leading way to attract most of the customers towards your product or services on your website. You need to pay Google for each visitor. These visitors or potential clients are most likely to be your long-term client since the user is searching for similar products or services. Google doesn’t charge for the impressions – it only considers the visitors to your website.

It counts click through your website. This is the most effective, efficient and quick way to get your clients and boost your business tremendously. Signing up in Google Ads is free. You need to create your campaign by choosing appropriate keywords on which your ad would appear in Google search results. Various filters include demographics, regions, age, gender, and the best time to show your advertisement.

YouTube Videos

“Inclusion of video to small email can increase Click Through Rate (CTR) to 7%”, states Brendan Cournoyer, the Director of Content Marketing, Brainshark. Ultimately, increased traffic to your website increases the chances of sales that grow your business. Video is used in various ways to enhance your lead generation.

Brenden further points out that, “By creating a short video for a service or product you are dealing with, or trending webinars force your potential clients to click through your website”. There are various websites and tools available today to create compelling video content easily.

Third-Party List

Whether you have a new business or an existing one, you need more buyers to grow. You intend to try every possible way to increase your sales. There are many ways you can reach your potential clients. You can buy a third-party list – it is a validated list of people interested in a particular niche.

For instance, this data consists of details of individuals who have purchased products in the past and these individuals are more likely to get interested in your offer.


You must have ignored this point in the past. But you can’t stress enough about the importance of this factor. Today, people have become increasingly aware of the importance of reviews regarding your business. They will make sure to check for the reviews on your business before pursuing you for a service.

The platforms where people visit the most to check the reviews are Google reviews, Trustpilot, Yelp, Yellowpages and other business directories. Make sure to have good testimonials on your website. Your potential clients are curious to hear about you from your previous and existing clients. These testimonials play an important part when it comes to lead generation.


Facebook is a very reliable platform after Google. When it comes to growing your business, you should consider all possible ways to grow. Facebook alone cannot be recommended to generate valuable leads. You must not ignore SEO and should pursue it actively.

For every business, it is necessary to build your social media presence. One way could be by creating an official business page on Facebook and share informative, fun, creative and helpful content on the page to attract potential clients and build your worth. Facebook paid advertisement also helps several businesses to grow their sales.

You need to pick your desired audience to target and boost your posts. Facebook ads are effective for both B2C and B2B purposes. The Facebook algorithm searches for the users that are more likely to convert and show your ads to them.


LinkedIn is considered expensive. However, it generates the healthiest leads that are most likely to convert even your product or service. Like Facebook and Google, you need to be careful when selecting filters such as education, work history, occupational sector, geography, etc.

When you choose these filters, remember to keep in mind what and who you are looking for. The two standard methods used in LinkedIn for lead generation are.

  • Using a sales navigator to target your audience and send them your content in the inbox.
  • Advertise your content that can be seen by most of the relevant audience.

Webinars And Live Chats

The webinar is a successful and cost-effective way to generate leads. You have to choose a trendy topic related to your niche and invite some of the field experts to join. This is an excellent way to introduce your company. You can generate thousands of leads just by presenting free webinars.

People are surfing on the internet to search for something that they need. When they reach your website, the live chat option on your website will enable them to chat with your company representative.

That’s how a potential user will get to know about your business, products, services, and solutions that they are actively looking for. Perhaps that lead would convert with immediate effect. This will be a benefit for the company and the client as well.

Free Information And Ebooks

You must emphasize on providing quality information to your client that includes free help, Ebooks and white papers. This action will help build your brand trust, and people will share your content on social media. A trustworthy website automatically generates tremendous leads.

The website with an authentic and engaging content ranks higher in search engine results. Your brand will naturally attract your target audience. 

Giving away free ebooks related to your niche is a technical method to boost up sales. It attracts social media traffic and builds loyal clients. Business strategies involve giving product free basis get most of the traffic and generate leads.

You need to put a form on your website for the customer to fill it before accessing the ebook. That’s how you can get leads regarding potential customers that you can contact in the future when launching a new product. When you give your product for free, customers feel obligated to return the favor. These customers often become paid clients in the future. 

The Final Word

It is important to expand your reach by adopting smart strategies over those that will cost you money. In this age of the internet, you have access to information at the tip of your fingers. The web is full of guides, articles, advice from experts and other businesses success stories that can help shape your business strategies.


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