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Real SEO Actions That Prove Your Value to Your Boss

You can’t prove something until unless that already exists. And we would hardly find 10 in 100 people who deny the real value of seo. Over the years, importance of the organic search and need for SEO management has been admitted by the real businessmen. This all is admitted by the entrepreneurs due to the Google’s algorithm evolution with AI and advancement in machine learning. It involves various steps to improve the search engine ranking that will certainly not happen overnight.

Google analytics has taken great break through where you can track the ranking on search engines. But SEO is becoming more and more challenging on every coming day. In most of the cases, you are able to dictate the importance of SEO but not able to win over the real value of seo in front of your boss.

Search Engine Results Pages change every second. So how you can prove the value of SEO to promising clients, be it your boss or anyone else who wants to put investment in seo??

Let’s solve this mystery for you!

Proving the value of SEO somehow depends on your prospective clients and their goals they want to achieve. And every client aspires to be on the Google First Page results, no matter it is being on the local search results, app store optimization, technical optimization or content marketing.

There is no any mid-way of just doing seo job without getting significant results. You have to unveil the improvements and position you have secured from funding. Hence, making your client satisfied and successful should be your ultimatum. Some of the best ways in our view point include the

  • Use of ROI model to show incremental improvements.
  • Preference of paid search data to show the cost of gathering the paid search traffic.
  • Upholding of your seo performance and the results through reporting.
  • Securing a test budget.
  • Exhibiting the seo competitor analysis to show the tactics and solid seo strategies implemented by them.
  • Watching for changes in ranking for any of the keywords you are targeting.
  • If a major change is observed in ranking, take screenshots to illustrate the ROI to investors.
  • Sustain the higher rank (if achieved) on Google over a long period of time.

ROI Model – Gain Visibility, Revenue and Organic Search Traffic

Return on Investment (ROI) model is the simple approach of using the Excel spreadsheet and aggregate all data for all top-ranked and no-rank keywords. This model will help you to use likely click through and conversions on search engine for each bucket keyword. You can view the projections to visualize the most expected conversions through blog keywords, service seo keywords, location-based keywords, or branded keywords.

While the basic purpose of the keyword model is to acquire the keywords through organic search that can be used for a domain. And then the keywords identification within the first 3 pages having high conversion potential or long tail keywords. After recognizing the highly-valued keywords for your business niche, you can categorize the keywords and create the content and seo strategy for new website. It will not only help you rank for those categorized keywords but also drive more conversions.

Paid Search Marketing Methodology

This methodology is implemented if you are not able to gain the organic search results data. At that moment, paid search reporting data helps you augment the organic reporting. This methodology will help you estimate the true potential of the bucket keywords.

The potential keyword data source includes

  • Keywords: Google Keyword Tool, SEMrush, Analytics, Ahrefs, DataCube, Keyword I/O, internal Site Search.
  • Average Monthly Searches: Google Keyword Tool, SEMrush, DataCube, and Keyword I/O.
  • Conversion: Use Google Ads data, Analytics, conversion reporting tools, and client estimations to check the conversions.
  • Domain Search Rank: Check the rank with SEMrush, Ahrefs.
  • Share of Clicks by SERP: You can look for the share of clicks by SERP that is based on best industry data available.

Cost to Acquire the Keywords Through Paid Search

It’s another way to showcase the value of SEO with a cost of getting the traffic from paid Google search queries, most probably in a case when you are not ranking for those keywords. However, you may give chance to those keywords to rank on top instead of buying them.

If you just analyze the cost of the paid search you will have to analyze the number of paid search keywords in various segments. It includes how frequently the keywords are searched on every year and then break down the model into different market share by using average CPCs.

Acquire a Small Test Budget from Your Boss

If you want to take the client or boss in confidence then you have to give them some results from small budget so that he is willing to invest in seo. You have to prove that you are the professional seo experts and take money out of their pockets. But, tell them that seo takes time to show results but results in small budget are for sure. You will have to win the trust of the client that some small budget amount will have a great impact on organic performance.

One of the best ways to run the test is to gain the high-quality backlinks on an existing optimized page (no links on the page). And after that you can measure before and after ranking results after some months. These links will add the positive impact on visibility and traffic.

Google Search Queries Data

After couple of months, you can show the improvements in impressions, clicks and queries. You will expand the content for more relevant queries and build holistic content to answer the questions of your targeted audience.

You can acquire the data through Google Search queries and break the data into reporting to show the real seo value. Ahrefs is a good option to do this. Once you begin with site ranking improvement, you can expect more traffic and the conversions on the first page of Google.

Last in line, you can beat the competitors with your top ranking in SERPs. And that’s a real trigger for your client because clients love when they outperform their competitors at all platforms. Seo company Boston MA is one of those companies that has created a long list of clients who see the real results with their white hat seo services through hands of professionals. They don’t just do seo but keep the track of the changes that happen every second on Google.

Now, you can also show your clients the incremental gains in visibility, revenue, conversion metrics and win more clients by banking on them.

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