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Seven Must-Haves of a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

In the absence of a solid online presence, it is tough for any business to thrive in the modern era. However, merely making a website is no guarantee that people would notice your business. It takes a well-crafted digital marketing strategy to succeed in the digital world.

Since online marketing companies have made there presence felt recently, oftentimes it is tricky for people to incorporate appropriate features into their digital marketing strategy. If you are going through the same dilemma, this is a tailormade writeup for you.

Here is the list of seven must-haves which should be a part of your digital marketing strategy:

Introduce Chatbots on Your Website

Chatbots have come a long way ever since their inception. They have become an essential part of any strategy that is aimed at generating the maximum number of leads. One reason why website visitors are more likely to give their email addresses to chatbots is that they are now well-equipped to personalize the communication.

However, if you overdo, sometimes chatbots could be irritating as well. If you program your bots to appear when visitors need them, like at the time of adding items or abandoning carts, they are supposed to perform better. Creating an engaging website would make it easier for you to engage more users and generate more leads.

Frequently Update Your SEO

Search engine optimization is key to drive organic traffic to your website. The best thing about SEO is that people who visit your website are most likely to convert because they have come there by choice. You can always tempt people through enticing ads but the ratio of conversion is not going to increase that way.

As a matter of fact, Google changes its algorithm a number of times in a year. So you should make it a point to update your SEO more frequently. This practice will help you to gain more traffic and, at the end of the day, it will positively influence your bottom line.

Utilize Social Media

Whatever your brand, audience-based or product maybe, you can’t do without including social media into your digital marketing strategy. There are a number of social media platforms and you are sure to find “your kind of audience” on one of these channels.

Here is what you can do by making an account on social sites:

You can have access to a lot of data. Every marketer would like to collect as much data as possible because it brings clarity to the mind regarding what is in trend and what has been outdated. In simple words, activating your business on social media helps you put a hand on the public pulse.

Through social media, you can improve your customer service. Gone are the days when people did not have such high regard for customer care. This is truer especially if you are targeting millennials.

Social media also gives you the luxury to spread a positive image of your brand. You can post positive customer reviews on social media and spread a positive image of your company.

Prioritize Blogging

Even in this fast-paced era, there is no dearth of people who would love to spend their time reading quality content. Quality content means you will have more opportunities to get social shares and backlinks from authoritative websites. That’s an effective way to attract new customers and sustaining old ones.

Along with writing top-notch blogs, make sure to write consistently. Publishing a blog once in a while will not do any good to your business. Remember that online readers are different from traditional bookworms. You have to make the reading experience worthwhile for them otherwise you are sure to lose them regardless of your quality content.

Here is how you should format your articles:

Make headings

If necessary, break headings into sub-headings

Write proper introduction and conclusion

Don’t miss out to add or hyperlink sources. That way, the piece looks more authentic and research-oriented

Make the Most of Email Marketing

Unlike popular assumption, email marketing is still very much in the game. There are more than 3.9 billion active email users in the world currently. Looking at these staggering numbers, there is no way you can turn your back on email marketing while mapping out the digital marketing strategy.

With automation tools coming into play, emails have become even more target-oriented. You can now schedule the emails at optimal times. People are more likely to read and respond to your email when they receive it at a suitable time.

Incorporate Videos

Life has never been this busy. We all want to attain maximum information in minimum time and effort. That’s where video marketing swings into action. Videos have completely changed the dynamics of the business world. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that videos have revolutionized the marketing.

People love video and that’s why Google also rates videos very highly. Keep adjusting videos to your blogs and social media posts because watching a video is not as demanding and people can stay informed on the go.

Evaluate Performance

Last but definitely not least, measuring your performance is very important to ensure maximum return on your investment. It can reveal where you are heading and whether you need to revisit or stick to the same digital marketing strategy. You can readily utilize tools like Google Analytics to assist and track your overall performance.

The Final Thoughts

Surely, old modes of marketing have outlived their utility and digital marketing is now the way forward going into the year 2020. But you have to take the pains to design an effective digital marketing strategy before expecting the desired results. Rest assured, if your digital marketing strategy is laid upon the above seven pillars, you’re sure to make it big.

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