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What is camping- a best guide for beginners

Who doesn’t like breathing fresh air and looking at the starry night in the great outdoors? I’d say everyone should go camping at least once in a lifetime, and it could be a real eye-opening experience. Camping is a type of activity that is done outside and usually away from the city area. You will genuinely start appreciating nature at its true form. You may think that you are not cut out for camping or may think where to begin from, what all do you need? Many questions are muddling the mind but take no stress. This is an experience to enjoy rather than strain about. We’re here to help you out.

Today we are so connected to our phones, laptops, television and a number of other electronics that do nothing but exhaust our brains and affect our eyes. Camping with your family or just by yourself can be the much-needed detox you need. With the stressful nature of our jobs, education and other priorities that we deal with each day, we are merely just slicing years off of our lives — spending time with family while camping, roasting marshmallows at the fire could be an excellent opportunity to bond with them. Or take a breather and disconnect from the electronic world.

Why should you take out the time to go camping?

There are far too many reasons to state as to why you should go camping. I just lay a few here:

  1. Solitude: If you are someone who is fed up of seeing far too many people always around you, going camping could be an excellent option for you. If you are someone who has never done camping before, it honestly isn’t as scary as it sounds. Camping to rest in solitude will honestly do wonders to your mind and calm your nerves. Looking at the mountains while hiking, or laying under a million stars in isolation could do such great things for you that no spa or massage could ever do. Relaxing and breathing in the fresh air, in isolation is a must-try.
  2. Family camping trip: could be a great idea instead of a yearly vacation. With everyone’s daily routines, it may be difficult for you to plan your camping trip but instead of taking a holiday abroad, why not explore your surroundings with your family. Invite your friends and family too. It will help to give the kids company as well. Teach them all about spending quality time with each other and singing songs, hiking and other activities that you as well as your children may enjoy. Create a bond through camping with your kids at an early age, and you could make camping a family tradition.
  3. Leaving the electronics behind: By leaving your phones, laptops, gadgets, you could break away from the screens for a few days, like a retreat per se. This is one of the best ways to get the best night’s sleep and also change your sleeping pattern for good. This will even break the unhealthy habits that we all do by trying to check our phone multiple times if we can’t fall asleep or using the phone before going to bed.
  4. Take in nature: Experience beautiful, brightly fading sunsets, the snow-capped trees and mountains, the lovely fresh streams of water. These experiences will help you de-stress and unwire from your hectic schedule.
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What will you need as a beginner for camping?

The things that you will need to pack will solely depend on the kind of place that you are going to. Clothes that you take will protect you from bugs, insects, the weather, scratches on your skin, etc. Pieces of clothing that you should consider: woolen socks or regular socks depending on your destination, pajamas, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, caps, gloves and a raincoat. Apart from clothing, you will also need food, drinks, water, insect repellent, tent, hiking shoes, etc.

Now if you are going for camping during the winters, you’ll need specific items and gears for winters. Camping in the cold is a much harder challenge than camping in summers. But being well prepared will let you enjoy your camping trip. Here are the things you must carry for camping in winters:

  1. Get yourself a warm sleeping bag, because who doesn’t like a good night’s sleep. Make sure to pick a sleeping bag that is big enough for you to fit in with all your warm jackets and blankets. The best option is choosing a sleeping bag that is a synthetic fill. Keep the layers for insulation, and you’ll be nice and toasty.
  2. One item that you definitely need to buy if you’re going camping in winters is a puffer coat. But it would be a good idea for you to buy a puffer coat before investing in a sleeping bag. This way you can preferably wear the puffer coat while buying the sleeping bag to see if you’re comfortable and if it fits.
  3. A big backpack specially used for hikes and camping is a must, this is not somewhere you want to skimp. This is something that will hold all your things and also will help you in the long run.
  4. An insulated water bottle is also something you will need while camping at a site that has snow or is a very cold region. The water or beverage that you keep in this insulated bottle will stay hot for a more extended period and will keep you nice and warm.
  5. Investing in an excellent quality tent is also necessary as this will be your shelter. Keep in mind to do thorough research before you buy a tent and pick one which is waterproof.
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These were a few essential things you must carry for camping in winter. All of this may seem very overwhelming to you, but it is genuinely not. These are just a few must-haves, and once you invest in these, you will not have to repurchase them for a long time. We hope that this short guide to camping for beginners helps you and you have a great time at your camping trip.

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