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Unbiased Reviews of Hoo Crypto Exchange 

As a crypto exchange, Hoo operates Financing, HD wallet, and Custody products. These provided services are mainly concerned with many financial management products. For instance, you can swap your tokens for free with the “Quick Swap feature” in the App or on the Hoo website. Keep reading to understand Hoo Crypto Exchange Reviews.

Who is is a world-class blockchain assets services platform that aims to provide you with reliable and safe blockchain and assets management services. The company started in 2018 as a cryptocurrency wallet. It has grown into a reputable company that operates cryptocurrency, custody, mining industry, and wallet. Its services can be received wherever you are global.

Advantages of

There are several advantages of using By using the platform, a customer has the following advantages:

  • It has many financial management products and currencies, and the company’s exchange celebrates the listing of 69 coins with 89 trading markets.
  • It has a “Hoo power” program, which enables a customer to digitize assets rights, i.e., Buy Back Right, Gain rights, refund rights, among others.
  • Specialized risk control configuration gives safe management of enterprise assets.
  • Automated Market Making (AMM) provides a continuous market quote by calculating ask and bid prices according to automated processes without human interference.
  • Convenience in payment. Hoo can solve the payment convenience through a self-operated intermediate warehouse through multi-currency and single currency settlement.
  • Customers can withdraw from Hoo promptly and in a secure way. It has a high-speed transfer response through a unique Hoo platform where customers can seize market opportunities on time.
  • It easily manages account items through its leading-edge shared options. The Hoo Crypto exchange is efficient with Hoo custody, allowing authority allocation process administration and making the organization accounts controllable and clear.
  • It gives dull support for the mainstream public chain, and their token through 7/24h support professional instruments.

Is Hoo safe or legit

Yes, Hoo is safe and legit. It is the leading blockchain asset servicing platform. It supports various mainstream currencies such as ETH, BTC, USDT and EOS, and other tokens, including regular and current financial management methods. Moreover, it has listed 682 coins with 723 trading markets. It offers you safe management of enterprise assets through the specialized risk control configuration. The Hoo platform can configure risk control rules based on the business type.

Are there any fees

The trading fee on the Hoo platform depends on the customer’s VIP levels. The trading fee on the Hoo platform depends on the customer’s VIP levels. Users will enjoy a marker between 0.00% to 0.20 depending on the VIP levels.

  1. The basic rate is reduced to the lowest 0.1%, and the VIP level and rights are determined by comprehensive calculation of 30-day transaction volume;
  2. Link VIP level rights and platform coins. Between VIP1 and VIP4 upgrades, holding 10,000 HOOs can enjoy the benefits of VIP1, and holding 500,000 HOOs can enjoy a minimum 0.05% discount on handling fees;
  3. Increase the rebate for inviting new people to register. The rebate ratio will increase with the increase of VIP level, up to 40%. In addition, the inviter can also share the rebate reward with the invited friends and can share up to 20% of the rebate reward.

Start trading on

You can start trading today through You can follow simple steps to start enjoying the Hoo Exchange, Hoo Financing, HD wallet, and Hoo custody products. Additionally, you will need to get an invitation code and get started. It can be done by asking the Hoo support through help center online chat or asking the other users for their invitation code. The invitation code will help you get started by getting a discount. After which, you will start trading on

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