Best Online Tarot Card Reading App for Android & iOS

How can I get promotions in career? Does he love me? Shall I invest in a new business? Are you tired of looking for answers to all such questions? If yes, then you are absolutely on the right page and if not, then also you should learn about this ultimate solution- Tarot Card Reading.

Tarot Card Reading is an ancient mystic art that is used for spiritual healing, guidance and predicting future. It is the most powerful tool from centuries that has stood over the storm of time and is still prevalent with its powerful insights. And, this might be the reason, online tarot card reading applications is flooding the Internet nowadays.

But while a number of online tarot reading apps buzzing around, it has become harder to choose the one which is accurate, in-depth and insightful. However, there is one app which is standing out of the pack of best tarot reading app for Android and iPhone-Tarot Life.

Designed by Innovana Techlabs Limited, Tarot life is the best tarot reading app available for Android and iPhone devices. And if you do not believe us, you must read on the reasons to know why are we saying this?

Best Tarot Reading App for Android And iPhone

The app is a powerful and most convenient tool for reading tarot cards and getting predictions. You can use it at any stage of life and get rid of the burning questions that are making you anxious.

This is a brilliant app to connect to your intuitions and gain clarity. With this, you can anytime tune into your inner voice and find your calling. The app focuses on detailed insights so that you may know yourself and improve things for the better. The best part of the app is its features which make this app the best tarot reading app for iOS and Android. Here is a quick glimpse over it.

Highlights To Amazing Features of Tarot Life

If you want to get guidance for different situations of your life, you often have to switch to different tarot reading apps and cluster your phones with various applications. But what if you get all the guidance of tarot, astrology, and numerology in one app. It will sort your life, isn’t it?

Tarot life gives you one-stop access to all the popular predictions methods with exciting features for every phase. Here are the highlights that sort your life with one tap.

★    For Love and Relationships Tarot Readings

  1. Love Tarot-  Are you worried about love, family, friends or confused with your feelings? Then Love tarot is the best escape for all your problems. The three-card spread tarot reading is the easiest and best way to know about the challenges, possibilities, and solutions to all your love quests.
  2. True Love Spread- If you are looking for relationship analysis then you have got the best tarot reading app for your Android and iOS. The app shares the True Love Tarot Card Spread to know the feelings of you and your soulmate. Also, it gives you detailed insights about the relationships covering aspects such as strengths, mutual connection, shortcomings, and genuineness of the relationship.

★    For Career and Business Tarot Reading

  1. Career Tarot- Don’t know how to handle job stress, get easy promotions and find a new job? Use Career tarot feature. It shares the clear picture of your present condition and gives easy insights about the past, present and future and outcoes.
  2. Career path Spread- Career path Spread is another terrific feature which is found in a few best tarot reading apps for Android and iOS. The feature shares complete career analysis and share answers to questions about the right career, your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities, and future growth.

★    For Finance Tarot Reading

  1. Finance Tarot- Stressed about money and investments? Switch to your Finance tarot and find what are the issues and how you can explore the new opportunities for earning money with secure and ethical ways.
  2. Success Spread- There might not be anyone who doesn’t want to get success. This Success Spread allows you with every detail that can help you to grow and succeed at any stage.

★    To Find Your Birth Tarot Cards

  1. Birth Tarot- What makes this tarot reading app best is its rare Birth Tarot feature. This specific feature is amazing if you want to explore about the cards that are associated with your birth date and get personalized readings for your life.

★    For Daily Tarot Readings

  1. Daily arot- This is the most popular feature found in tarot reading apps for Android and iOS. And with this app, you get one reading for your day. You can use your daily tarot card reading every day for insightful and meaningful predictions for the entire day.
  2. Card of the Day- Yes, every day has a card and with this Card of The Day feature, you can easily access that. You may know what is the special reading for the specific day and know about the different areas of your life.

★    For Doubts and Questions

  1. Yes or No Tarot- This Yes or No tarot prediction feature allows you to get straight answers in Yes or No. A great way to clear your confusion and take decisions in minutes.
  2. Ask A Question- An ultimate live chat feature for all your burning questions. You may use Ask a Question anytime and ask the tarot experts about your problems. An easy and precise way to get guidance for every stage.

Other Features

Besides the various tarot reading feature, this all in one tarot reading app for Android and iOS comprises features for astrology and numerology predictions. The tarot app offers astrology prediction through your birth chart, love compatibility, and timeline reports.

For those who are curious about numerology numbers, the app has many interesting insights to offer with Life path number, destiny number, maturity number, and personality number options. You just need to enter your name and birth information to explore all these important numbers of your life.


A major advantage of Tarot Life app is its authenticity and genuineness. Unlike the other best tarot reading apps for Android and iOS, it doesn’t stick to one method of predictions but allows you to enter a world full of possibilities. It gives the future unfolded in your hands and ask you to take the right step by tuning into your intuitions. The best tarot readings for iOS and Android is just a step away, grab the opportunity and turn all your dreams into reality.

Download Tarot Life now!

Best Online Tarot Card Reading App for Android & iOSBest Online Tarot Card Reading App for Android & iOS



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