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10 Doors To Enter Digital Marketing Jobs And Build A Legacy

Should I go for Engineering or Medical? Is there anything other than these two Godly fields? Can the world go on for even a single day without these two?. Well, thanks to the society’s believe we all are trapped, not all of us tho; some enlightened ones are free and are making an impact. If you find yourself driven by technology, trends, revolution then the tradition engineering or medical fields won’t give you much of a notch. We got the list for 10 Digital marketing jobs which have ” Scope ” as well as ” All you need from a job “.

Don’t get locked up by the door slammers. Although when you would be making your debut in the digital marketing industry, most likely you are going to witness some folks trying to foul teach you for some ” fee ” which usually is the biggest scam out there, so be careful about who you choose to be your mentor. Provided that you have made your way through thick and thin to learn about digital marketing, you can enroll yourself into these 10 jobs which will pay you well, make you learn more in this field and bless you with an entrepreneurial insight

With that being said, let explore these 10 Digital Marketing Jobs which will not only support the livelihood but also would patronize the passion.

  1. Social Media Manager
  2. Coding Specialist
  3. Website Designer
  4. PPC and Campaign Master
  5. Email Marketer
  6. Outreach Specialist
  7. Content Creator
  8. Graphic Designer
  9. SEO Specialist
  10. Affiliate Marketing Manager

Let’s explore various ways to get in for the Digital marketing job through the above-mentioned routes.

Important terms I used with their elaborations –

  • Freelancing Platforms are those which offer random jobs which are task-based for a short span of time but can cover longer spans. These are not contract based but rather go to or free time jobs that attract people’s attention. Popular platforms include Fiver, Upwork, Freelancer and Peopleperhour
  • Social Media Groups are the communities with the same interest as you do. If you are a graphic designer then search graphic designers on Facebook and join all those groups. That way whenever someone needs work done they would post that in the group and you can quote them with price, It’s a type of reverse freelancing but it’s efficient.
  • Email Outreach is about sending emails with your CV and portfolio to the targeted companies and clients.
  • Forum is a great way to hunt opportunities. Google about the relevant forums, join them and chat with new people.
  • Private work website is where you make your own website with your expertise showcased in it and let people know of it by forwarding them the link to your site in a respectable manner
  • Local Business Directory is an offline model. You go on a quest to find which local business in your area need your assistance and apply accordingly.

Before we get started, it’s important for me to convey it to you. Don’t be overwhelmed by this digital marketing jobs. It might seem that you pose all of these qualities so don’t rush to apply for each of these digital marketing jobs. Take time and find out what you are good at and then get work, experience and build your legacy in it. Always remember – Jack of all, master of none. So, take time to figure out what you are good at stand then you can check on this list and make your move.

Back to the topic.

Social Media Manager

For every great business, social media is now its backbone. They all need social media, long gone are the day when social media was there for friends and family connection. In fact in the recent survey, they found 55% of business around the globe use social media to boost their clients by showcasing their expertise.

While there are hundreds of social media out there, I would suggest to get your hands onto some of the popular ones at the start and as you get better to increase your covering span.

To get a job as a social media manager the best options are

  • Freelancing Platform
  • Email Outreach To Companies
  • Social Media To Display Expertise

Coding Specialist

The world has moved to the age of codes. It’s to admit it. These are just a few lines that separate the life of a program from a happy being to an unfeeling ghost. Well, we all need codes and programmers so they have to sacrifice. If you are willing to sacrifice your life then let it be known there is so much for Coding specialist. You can easily get a job as a coding specialist.

Best Options For Coding Specialist Jobs are-

  • Freelancing Platforms
  • Social Media
  • Active Forum Members

Website Designer

Each and every person/company needs a website. In this era, almost everyone needs a website. It’s not just about the regular website they want, but they want it better than everybody else. Don’t ever think those free website creators are gonna replace you, they are crap. If you have your hands set onto website designing, it won’t be long for you to be flooded with job offers.

Best Options to get website designing jobs are

  • Freelancing Platforms
  • Website Designers Companies
  • Theme Making companies
  • Private work website

PPC Master

Although PPC is now facing a demise that doesn’t mean it’s gonna go dead soon. It’s here for some time until it is updated with something better than this. IF you are good at running PPC campaigns then you can get your job here as these are in demand. Most of the people aren’t aware of PPC campaigns but they desperately crave one.

Best Platforms To Find PPC Jobs

  • Mturk, Microworkers and Related Companies
  • Social Media groups

Email Marketer

Email Marketing is crucial for all business but due to lack of business communication skills and technical handling, some people just can get their hands onto the email marketing. You can get a job by helping them achieve their goals while you achieve your own goals.

Best Platforms To Find Email Marketing Jobs

  • Freelancing Platforms
  • Social Media
  • Local Business Directory

Outreach Specialist

Outreach is what we all crave to the bottom of our intentions. there is so much out there for those who are experts in it. If you consider yourself an expert in outreach then you can get your hands down on a lot of digital marketing jobs related to this subdivision. Even big companies are in pursuit of hiring those who have better outreach skills. Get your expertise right in it and witness the bright day.

Best Ways To Find Outreach Jobs

  • Contact Business Administrations
  • Freelancing Platforms
  • Specific Outreach Platforms

Content Creator

Content is the bare necessity. No matter what kind of business it is, they all crave content. If you are passionate enough to write then this might come in handy since content writing jobs are abundant and easy to get.

Best Ways To Find Content Writing Jobs

  • Freelancing Platforms
  • Social Media Groups
  • Specific Websites

Graphic Designer

If you are a graphic designer and you are struggling to find a job then either you are not a graphic designer or your passion is not on the point. There is so much out there for graphic designers. I remember I learned how to make flyers on canva and I immediately sold 3 gigs on fiver for $10 each. Just hone your skill on graphic designing and there is so much out there for you.

Best option To Find Job As A Graphic Designer

  • Freelancing platforms
  • Social media groups

SEO Specialist

Although it’s pretty hard to find a proper job in this area of practice as there are so many spam people who claim to be SEO specialists and they just deploy a cheap blackhat strategy to bring immediate results. If you have your own set of trick up your sleeve then you may find the jobs easily.

Best Ways To Find Job As A SEO Specialist

  • Freelancing Platforms
  • Some SEO agency
  • Social Media Groups

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Everyone who is serious and reputable in their business is doing some sort of affiliate marketing. It’s a must these days. However, the fancy work associated with the affiliate marketing might not be easy for the business owner so they are definitely in need of a good affiliate marketer that can widen their streams of income. If you are good at affiliate marketing you can showcase your expertise and email to those companies who might find it interesting. This way you can have a reliable high paying job.

Best Ways to get affiliate marketing jobs

  • Email Outreach
  • Social Media Groups

With all that, it’s time to wrap up the article. I hope you find it useful. Your insights on this are highly appreciated. Do let us know in the comments below.

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