WordPress Web Design Trends 2021: What to Expect?

WordPress that was released back in 2003 is now powering one-third of the total websites (1.3 billion according to Netcraft) found over the web including that of Sony Music, TechCrunch, The Walt Disney Company, and so many more. This goes to show that there is no stopping WordPress and it has officially become the fastest-growing web publication software that can be downloaded within 5 minutes – unless you have painfully slow internet.

WordPress is continuously evolving and progressing with its latest themes, design trends, WordPress development updates, and much more. Businesses have been tapping into the prowess of WordPress by getting their websites designed by app development companies that have a team of skilled WordPress developers.

Enough about how great WordPress is and more about some of the exciting web design trends that we can expect in 2021.

Minimalism Makes a Comeback

2019 was all about minimalism and 2021 will follow suit, in WordPress web design. Less is more is working out quite well, as it improves loading time of the pages – with less text, bold colors, HD pictures, and videos not only help maintain user focus on things that matter but also allow WordPress to perform faster and efficiently.

Moreover, minimalism as a web design also helps in ‘mobile-first’ optimization, which in itself is one of the crucial things considering most of the WordPress sites are viewed through smartphones.

Another aspect of a website that is largely improved by this trend is the navigation of a website. The smooth, clean, and simple design helps users with navigation through the site.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Enables Sites

Augmented reality is one of the latest technologies after Artificial Intelligence that has been all the buzz. Now, websites will support augmented reality allowing businesses to provide an immersive experience to its customers and users – which will increase their conversion rate. Especially retail or businesses with their footing in ecommerce.

IKEA is a great example for this as it has already enabled its website for augmented reality allowing users to try out their products virtually by placing them in a room through an app. So you get the gist of it. Companies selling products such as glasses, home décor items, lighting and so much more can give a virtual preview of how their products will look.

Lucky for you, WordPress has already enabled VR and AR content on its sites with 360-degree image and video support. Since these features are futuristic and not as common as of now – this particular trend is to continue well throughout 2021 and become more popular.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Artificial Intelligence has slowly yet steadily seeped into various sectors of software industry including web and mobile app development companies – and rest assured WordPress even introduced AI plugins. This revolutionary technology is set to change the world in coming year – as to whether AI will prove to be beneficial or dangerous is a debate for another time. For now, website designs and development are already utilizing technologies that make use of AI. Now, with WordPress’s AI-powered plugins and tools, there is much that can be done – like Ai powered chatbots, which we will discuss below.

ecommerce is the number one example in this scenario as well. Take Amazon for example that has been making use of AI to understand user-behavior to recommend them relevant products and content. This is a powerful implementation within websites and apps, as personalization is more preferred by the users in this day and age. WordPress’s AI implementation will boost online stores through powerful websites and supporting plugins.

Voice and Chatbots

Voice-based searches and commands have become increasingly popular courtesy of AI-powered assistants like Alexa and Siri. Take these staggering statistics, for example, voice-based searches are expected to hit around $40 billion by the year 2022 – that is a lot of volumes. So this will be a big trend in 2021 for websites as well, where owners would gravitate towards enabling voice search feature.

So far, implementing voice-user interfaces on websites hasn’t become mainstream but if you have a WordPress site or about to get one developed, you can make use of its plugin like Voice Assistant Dialog Navigation.

The demand to have voice search enabled in websites is growing and so will your site’s prospects to land loyal visitors. In addition to this, customers would want sites to respond back to their voice searches or queries – this is where chatbots or live chat functionality comes in.

WordPress Web Design Trends 2021 forecast shows a hike in AI-powered chatbots. This feature has become heavily utilized and will remain a winning web design trend well throughout 2021.

Accessibility Redefined

2021 sure brings attention to the much-needed accessibility within website designs. You need a site that caters to not just regular people but also specially-abled. In a world where tech rules, solves problems and provides ease in human lives – you simply cannot leave out people that have special needs.

So this would be one of the main focus of site owners, developers, and designers to improve the accessibility of their site. One site for all – a concept that will always remain a trend within the community of business owners, techies, and users. The world is moving ahead not just in the realm of technology but also socially. With much awareness, the need of inclusivity, and acceptance – technology is one area that does not judge and should be available to everyone.

Key Takeaways from the website design trends of 2021

  • Artificial integrated website designs.
  • AR and VR powered sites.
  • Chabots and voice searches.
  • Increases Accessibility.
  • Simple designs and simpler navigation.
  • Heavily user-focused.

These were just some of the WordPress website design trends that we are expecting in 2021, but following them is another trend of hand-drawn custom designs – which will definitely help websites with their own personality and uniqueness. The world of web is saturated enough, and with WordPress themes, most of the sites look the same. So hopefully we will see more of these trends including newer ones surfacing as we go through 2021.

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